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hairstyles with apparent frizz stand out on red carpets
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Artists such as Anitta, Florence Pugh and Jennifer Lopez were some of the artists who joined the fashion for more polished hair, such as Hydro Bob, and with a wet effect. During the Brazilian summer, this was one of the main hair trends on social media, which gained fame and grew thanks to the red carpets. However, at the Met Gala and last year's fashion shows, it was possible to notice a contrary trend to polished hair and instead, the artists gave way to more apparent frizz.

Frizz and more natural appearance of the hair

If with the trend of wet hair there was more polished hair, with the frizz trend we can see a more natural appearance of the hair and that, for some people, can be more uncomfortable. Searching the internet, it is not difficult to find articles on how to control frizz and even famous baby hairs (strands that are growing).

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One example was Jennifer Lopez, one of the co-hosts of this year's Met Gala. The singer and actress appeared on the red carpet with a high bun and loose strands, both on the top of her head and in the bun, bringing a more relaxed look.


Embed from Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez at the Met Gala 2024 (Photo: reproduction/Taylor Hill/Getty Images Embed)

Zendaya also adopted looser, frizzier strands during the publicity tour for her new film, Rivals. In addition to Zendaya, at the 2024 Oscars, Emily Blunt also attended the event with a bun and looser strands. However, if we go back in time a little, last year, during Paris Fashion Week, brands like Miu Miu also brought models on the runway with more apparent frizz.

Here in Brazil, SPFW N55 also brought the most visible frizz, with a fashion show by Weider Silveiro, in May.


Frizz acceptance

In an interview with Vogue Brasil, dermatologist and trichologist Ana Carina Junqueira explained that frizz is something natural in hair, but a lack of hydration and nutrition can increase it. She also explains that this also occurs with the friction of the hair and exposure to a source of high heat, such as dryers and straighteners. O hairstylist Amadeu Marins, also spoke to Vogue Brasil, Marins says that Latin women have hair with more volume and more textures, which causes the strands to have more frizz naturally. He also adds that despite some imposed rules – especially for curly and frizzy hair – this has been changing over time.

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Also in conversation with Vogue Brasil, the beauty artist Marcos Proença indicates the use of a leave-in or mousse to shape the hairstyle. He also says that, to further style the hairstyle, you can loosen some strands near the ears and finish with a spray of fixation, for greater durability of the hairstyle.

Featured photo: Emily Blunt and Regina King at the 2024 Oscars (Reproduction/Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Embed)


hairstyles with apparent frizz stand out on red carpets

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hairstyles with apparent frizz stand out on red carpets

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