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Preta Gil presents a new format for the traditional “Bloco da Preta” in Rio
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On the night of last Sunday, the 4th, the most traditional block in the city of Rio returned, in a new style, due to the singer's medical conditions. Presented on stage, this year's festivities took place at the Arena do Rio, located in the Olympic Park, and featured more than four hours of partying, a full house and numerous special appearances. Preta Gil came back with everything!


Return of “Bloco da Preta” in Rio (video/reproduction: Instagram/@blocodapreta)

Traditionality of the “Bloco da Preta” in Rio de Janeiro

Present in the city of Rio for 15 years, the group has established itself as one of the most sought after by Rio revelers, breaking public participation records in several editions, and this one would be no different. With a packed house, the singer shook the arena with her main hits, new hits and already popular songs for this year's carnival. Without losing anything, the change in the structure of the event maintained all the energy of the traditional street block, with lots of glitter, streamers and joy. It is worth remembering that this is the first edition of the block since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.


Special participations

The show, which lasted more than four hours, featured several big names to brighten the stage even more, including: Carolina Dieckman, David Brazil, Sharon Menezes, Fernanda Paes Leme, Hugo Gloss, Giovanna Lancellotti, Isis Valverde, among other special guests that the singer made a point of inviting to the stage to stay by her side, and thank each one of them for their help in her recovery. The event also featured exciting performances by Karinah, Rogério Flauxino, Gilsons, Pabllo Vittar, MC Carol, Thiago Pantaleão and Xamã. All performing alongside Preta on stage, bringing an incredible and enchanting synergy to the audience present.

The future of “Bloco da Preta”

The singer made a point of leaving a message for her fans that the party will continue, and that as soon as she is allowed to return to the streets, she will put on a great show with her electric trio. Preta also thanked God and her orixás for the opportunity to be on her feet for another year, and was moved to ask the public to continue praying for her, regardless of their beliefs, stating that faith was what led her to that moment. At one point, the creator of the block took her granddaughter, Sol de Maria, to the stage and asked her if she would like to inherit the legacy of the block, with great enthusiasm, Sol replied yes and showed all her talent singing with her grandmother on stage, a real show of cuteness.

Tributes and notable moments

Taking advantage of her moment on stage, Preta also paid tribute Rita Leeand rocked the audience to the sound of “Perfume Lance”, one of the biggest hits by the singer, muse of national rock. Before starting the show, Preta took a minute to ask for respect for the LGBTQIAP+ community, the black community and spoke “No to ableism, no to transphobia, no to homophobia. I respect my people, let's respect them”. In another remarkable moment, to the sound of his hit “Bless Yourself”the singer stopped and went to the audience to ask the audience who they were, where they came from, shortly after she introduced herself. “My name is Preta Maria Gadelha Gil Moreira, I am a black, fat, non-standard, bisexual woman and I beat cancer”. A memorable and love-filled return.


Featured photo: Preta Gil and her guests on stage (Juliana Bandeira/reproduction: Instagram/@blocodapreta @julianabandeiraph)

Preta Gil presents a new format for the traditional “Bloco da Preta” in Rio

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Preta Gil presents a new format for the traditional “Bloco da Preta” in Rio

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