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Too sweet men are definitely not sexy! 5 Tips on how to become attractive again if you are too nice to your (ex) girlfriend
Too nice men are a problem for many women. In general, women don’t really have an aversion to really nice men, rather they have an aversion to passive, manipulative liars (just like, just like, exactly! Just like anyone else)

People with a strong positive personality are attractive. Especially if they also show that they have a special or beautiful philosophy of life. But what is especially important – and that is what too sweet men often lack – is that they do not know how to set boundaries.

Too nice men, bastards and mentally strong personalities
Too nice men are often just put aside and wonder how that is possible. They often say ‘how is it possible that my ex broke up? I was really sweet to her. Incomprehensible! maybe she is looking for a bastard ”

But my dear, what a big fallacy is being made!


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become attractive again

become attrative
how to become attractive again

It is really much easier than the sweet man thinks. Look men, women like sincerity, not liars or false personalities. They also want a man with a high emotional intelligence coefficient.

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Women have a kind of second nose: they know very quickly which man is wrong or who is not sincere. In their eyes, too nice men are often passive, manipulative liars who only have one thing in mind: get her into bed. Most men are often hopelessly clumsy in this regard, but in their eyes ‘too nice men’ always do it much smarter.

Bastards are assertive, rather aggressive followers who resemble mentally strong personalities rather than overly sweet men. Spiritually strong men are assertive, have a strong will and a strong desire to achieve their goal. He can easily say ‘no’ without being manipulative.

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My question: if you compare the 3 types, what do you think women prefer? If you are a man while reading this, consider what type of woman you find attractive. You can also turn the question around: how would you describe the most unattractive type. For example:


Type 1: the woman who tries to convince you how sweet she is

Type 2: The woman who might not be your ideal type, maybe a little right-to-the-point, but for some reason you actually feel attracted to her like a magnet (okay maybe you just imagine her not for your parents)

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Type 3: the woman with clear principles, who knows where her limits are. The woman with a high libido who doesn’t shy away from having sex with you, but who easily rejects you when she doesn’t feel like it. The woman who doesn’t force you to do things that don’t make you feel good.

Do you not have sexual problems, are you not a narcissist, you do not have low self-esteem, and there is no chaos in your head? then you will undoubtedly be attracted to type 3, and then to type 2 and then nothing will come for a long time, and only much later type 1. Am I right or not?


Guess what? Women would have the same preference!

Of course! After all, we are all human and there is no difference in how we are attracted to each other.

You are either attracted to a woman or not. If you are now in a heartbreak for saying ‘I was too nice to my girlfriend and that’s why she broke up, then this may be the question you should be asking yourself. Maybe it’s an unconscious pattern that has crept into your relationship, or you’re afraid of being vulnerable and making people run away from you.

Or maybe you are struggling with issues that you have not yet resolved with yourself. There are many things you can do to become more attractive. Whether that is for your current partner or for your ex.


Let’s talk about that now

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If the kid in you (the man who is too sweet, say) comes up, there are 5 things you can do to avoid being seen as manipulative in relationships.

Tip 1: Avoid sexual manipulation
In general, a woman in our society is labeled a ‘slut’ when she indicates that she wants to have sex with a man. If she indicates that she does not want to have sex, she can be labeled a ‘bitch’ or ‘cool frog’ (often precisely by ‘too nice men’).

Whether or not a woman wants to have sex with a man, cultural influences seem to determine a woman’s sexual orientation.


You manipulate her if you blame her for not wanting to have sex with you. Doesn’t she like you and aren’t you a couple yet? Show your self-respect and get on with your life.

Is the woman your ex and did it go out because of these issues? At the very least, write her a letter telling her that you are ashamed of your behavior. In any case, you show that you still respect her.

Tip 2: Tell her what your needs are
If you are too nice to your girlfriend by only doing nice things, and you get frustrated because you are not getting what you thought (attention, sex, etc.), that is proof that you are calculating and unreliable. So stop that.

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Do you want something from her? Then ask! If you don’t, you will no doubt be too immature and you don’t deserve to get what you long for. It’s that simple: don’t beat around the bush!


Tip 3: Show that you understand the answer ‘no’
A grown man who knows where his limits are, can express himself easily and is not afraid to express a certain opinion on matters.

The attractive and mature man also understands the answer ‘no’. My question: can you not stand being rejected by your ex and showing that you are desperate?

Or can’t you take it when she rejects you when you need attention or want sex? Don’t be surprised if she thinks you are acting like a child.

If you hear ‘no’ from a woman who knows what she wants, it is often ‘no’. If you don’t want to listen to it, you will get the same effect as if you engage in jealous behavior .


When you try to convince her that you are right, it is the same as when you mock her preferences. That is extremely deadly for your relationship.

Tip 4: Don’t have any expectations because you are too nice for her
Have you ever done things for her, and released your frustrations on her later on? For example, one night you wanted to have sex with her, and before that you pulled out all the stops to please her to achieve your goal. Okay, there’s nothing wrong with doing romantic things for your (ex) partner, but she doesn’t have to be a sniffer dog to ‘smell’ (see) that your intention is manipulative.

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How exactly?

Because of what she sees in your eyes, the sexual energy you radiate when you stand next to her. Believe me, you will fall short!


Tip 5: Do not avoid confrontations
Manipulative men will never say that they disagree with someone, this to keep the ‘sweet peace’. They know that if they just keep their mouths shut, they can never be accused of being wrong. Manipulative – or in other words “too nice men” always want to be seen as the one who is ‘innocent’.

Do you disagree with your partner? Then tell it!

Women are by no means attracted to a man who just wants to ‘take good care of her’ and is willing to put his own personal needs on the back burner. How can she gain confidence in you if you don’t respect your own needs and desires? Okay, men can certainly show a certain amount of ‘concern’ (women like that from time to time), but the problem is that too nice men often do not understand where the needs of their ex or partner lie. Plus, they are so unbelievably boring!


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