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your man absolutely wants to keep you by his side

You have met the man of your life, and hope from the bottom of your heart that you are for him the woman of his life? But how can we be sure? By observing these 6 signs that show that your man absolutely wants to keep you by his side!

1/ He wants to make sure you know how wonderful you are

To think that you are the most beautiful woman in the world, the most charming, the most adorable, the most admirable, the most fantastic… That is one thing! Making sure that you hear it on a daily basis so that you can become fully aware of it, is another. Not only does he seek to boost your self-confidence, but he thinks so too! And in addition, it has a sixth sense to detect the moments when you don’t feel beautiful, to cheer you up, and to open your eyes to all these little things that make you so attractive, internally and externally.

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2/ He is your half, your lover, your lover, and your best friend

More than a lover, he also knows how to be a great friend. It’s there for you no matter what. He is your confidant, you can always have his support when things go wrong, he always has the word to laugh to mitigate the seriousness of a situation, you can cry in his arms and blow your nose in his sleeves, he will do everything to make you happy, because seeing you go wrong is even more painful for him than when he goes badly.

3/ He makes efforts with your family

You can be sure that he cares about you from the moment he does everything to get along well, and be well seen by your family. And more generally, your friends, and all the important people in your life. Even if he does not have much in common with them, he will do everything in his efforts to make things go well. Because he knows how much it means to you.

4/ It always manages to surprise you (your man absolutely wants to keep you by his side)

He doesn’t just live a great story with you. He has fun surprising you regularly, by his attitude, his gifts, his surprises … Whether it’s a surprise dinner in the restaurant, a massage after a long day of work, a nice bouquet of flowers, a beautiful love letter… He takes nothing for granted and constantly seeks to surprise you in order to maintain your romance!

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5/ Your problems are his (your man absolutely wants to keep you by his side)

He can’t stand that you get bothered by the hassles of everyday life, and considers that your worries are also his. He doesn’t have fun leaving you in the panade and watching you wade, no. On the contrary, it will always try to solve your troubles as soon as possible. Even if it means investing time and effort in it, he goes all out! And even if he can’t do anything about it, he will show you how much he supports you in your trials.


6/ He forgives you your mistakes, your missteps (your man absolutely wants to keep you by his side)

Everyone makes mistakes, he knows that, and he will not act in a resentful manner towards you. Whether it’s because you insulted him in anger, hurt his ego, or anything else, he will be able to forgive you and get over it quickly.

And you’ll end up laughing at it together quickly! If you tend to abandon him because of work, he will not hold it against you, and knows how much trouble you are giving yourself! Rather than reproach you, he will have prepared a nice dinner for your return. Anyway, he will never want you to feel bad for hurting him!

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