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Living separately to save your couple

Living separately to save your couple: does this solution surprise you? I don’t really! We will see through several testimonies how to make the living separately can bring back the passion that had disappeared.


Living separately to save your couple

The routine, the famous one!

When we live together, the routine always ends up settling in. I mean ALWAYS. Because even if you go to restaurants, to the cinema, you make weekends… The routine is still there. And then, we will not hide it, when we live together, we still do less activities than at the beginning.


If some manage to make this routine a pleasant routine, others sink into boredom… And come to wonder if they stay together out of love or out of habit.

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Not to mention that some settle together for the wrong reasons. For example, a Parisian couple, given the price of rents, will often live together faster to save money. error!

Do not live under the same roof to save your couple

Some therefore make the deliberate choice not to live together. This was the case, for example, of my tata and my uncle, who lived all their lives separately and who maintained a crazy love.

Obviously this can be the case when you do not have children and do not plan to have them. Or that you have already had children and you are separated.


Others decide to no longer live together following the failure of their relationship under the same roof. This can truly give a new impetus to the couple. This is what we will see through the two testimonies collected.

Living at home after living together (Living separately to save your couple)

Morgane and her friend decided to no longer live together after living under the same roof for three years. I asked him some questions and here are his answers:

How did you decide to no longer live together, was it a common choice?

Our couple was starting to falter. I could not stand him and he could not support me but despite everything we loved each other. We almost parted ways for good and then I had the idea to take a break. I had also read an article from you on how to take a break in his couple. I thought it would help us to see more clearly.

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So I went to my parents’ house for two weeks and he stayed in our apartment. We applied all the rules so we did not give ourselves any news. And we missed ourselves a lot.


This cut did us a lot of good and that’s when we came to the conclusion that we could love each other but, perhaps, we couldn’t live together.

Is this a definitive choice? (Living separately to save your couple)

We decided that for the moment we would stay like that. If one day we want children (I am 28 years old and my friend is 33), we will take a home together obviously. But at the moment, we are not really sure that we want it, at least not right away.

I feel like I’m back with my relationship as in our beginnings and I don’t want to spoil it at all!

How many do you see?

We do not live far from each other but we see each other about three times a week, and not necessarily on the same days. But as soon as we see each other, we do something: cinema, concert, theater, walk, weekend … Whereas since we lived together, we used to spend our lives on the couch watching movies…


We’re really happy like that! It is a way of life that certainly does not suit everyone but we love it!

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Decide not to live together from the beginning (Living separately to save your couple)

Magali and her friend have decided to live apart since the beginning of their relationship. They both have children they had from a previous union. I will now give the floor to Magali:

How did you decide you wouldn’t live together? Was it a common choice?

We had already had our first big story each on our own, the couple with children, Sundays at mother-in-law’s, no time to find an evening for two … Time or desire for that matter?

We liked each other because we had this different vision of the couple.


This vision of the 3 A…’ s… Lovers-Lovers-Friends

It is therefore a common choice to have a relationship each at home.

Do you think you will never live together? Why? (Living separately to save your couple)

I think we are both very independent, that we like to be alone with our children, and alone with ourselves.

It’s super pleasant to live as you want without making any concessions on everyday life… I eat early he eats late, I read he likes to watch TV, we both like to play on our phone, take the time to watch the networks, the news … I get up early and he late ect…


Living as we love is very important for our balance.

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Many consider this as selfishness, a lack of desire but precisely we think of ourselves and the other. We do not want to force the other to do things different from his own desires.

Do you think that living each one at home helps to keep the flame alive? What for?

Definitely yes!

For the past two years, we have had more gallant appointments than any couple. It’s always a real pleasure to invite him to eat, to go to the cinema, to have a drink… .C’s a bit like the first date every time. The desire is there, the idea of organizing the evening to please both. We also have the 2-2-2 rule 


And it works beautifully.

We do London days, Parisian evenings, holidays in Rome, New York, Barcelona, Christmas market in Belgium, Colmar, Lisbon …

In short, we are experiencing more things than I have ever experienced living with a darling.

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