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Charlie Brown Jr Os Raimundos in Barra da Tijuca
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On Saturday night (21), two of Rock Nacional's biggest bands met again on stage in Rio, at Qualistage, Barra da Tijuca. With the resumption of an old partnership, of two of the most successful Brazilian rock bands of the 1990s. Raimundos and Charlie Brown Jr, performed together to inaugurate the Rockstage project, in which two great national rock bands perform , in two complete shows, on the same night.

Charlie Brown Jr and Raimundos. (Photo: Reproduction: Instagram/ @qualistage)

The show that began with the presentation of Egypcio (Tihuana), as the lead singer of Charlie Brown Jr, featured many of the band's greatest hits, and with many tributes to the former vocalist, Chorão. In addition, of course, to many guitar solos that sent the Rio audience into a frenzy. One of the most memorable moments of the presentation was with the track “Only madmen know”where the band paid a beautiful tribute by lowering the stage lights and asking the audience to turn on their cell phone lights and sing a cappella in honor of the former singer of the band from São Paulo.


Raimundos band on guitar solo. (Photo: Vitória Rangel)

The Raimundos performed soon after and also put on a real show by performing their biggest hits for the Rio public. With a full house, the atmosphere was taken over by an overwhelming wave of adrenaline and euphoria when the band played the first chord of “Whorehouse in João Pessoa”, and the traditional circle of crazy fans formed in front of the stage.

To the delight of all the national rock fans who were present at this historic reunion, at the end of Raimundos' performance, all the members of Charlie Brown Jr returned to the stage and together they sang “Woman of Phases” to the applause of the crowd. Still together on stage, they thanked the good vibe and energy of the locals and said it was a great honor to return to Rio in that style.

The revival of Charlie Brown Jr came from the union of 2 of the band's founders. Authors of the group's biggest hits such as “Forbidden for me”, “Zio de Lula”, “Rubão”, “Only the Crazy People Know” and “Papo Reto”, guitarists Marcão Brito and Thiago Castanho are responsible, alongside the late Chorão, for many of the caiçara group's successes. In 2022, the group celebrated 30 years of founding. After nine years dedicated to other projects, Marcão and Thiago decided to come together to celebrate these two special moments in their careers, launching the project “MARCÃO BRITTO AND THIAGO CASTANHO – CHARLIE BROWN JR 30 YEARS OLD”returning to the stage together again to play the band's greatest hits.


Featured Photo: Charlie Brown Jr presentation at Qualistage, in Barra da Tijuca. – Vitória Rangel.

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Charlie Brown Jr Os Raimundos in Barra da Tijuca

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Charlie Brown Jr Os Raimundos in Barra da Tijuca

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