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Trust in the couple

Each person is different in their education, beliefs and life path. We all have dreams and hopes that turn into chimeras over the course of our stories. We come to enter a romantic relationship as bruised by a past that has dented us from side to side. Indeed we gave our heart in love and it ended up in tatters and spare parts. Then the question arises of trust in the couple. Because, without it, there can be no healthy romantic relationship.

In this article we are going to ask ourselves how to have confidence in the couple. What are the tools to put in place and the behaviors to adopt to live serenely in absolute confidence? You will understand how to concretely have confidence in the couple.

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How to get confidence in the couple?

Trust is not the product of a magic formula! You must desire that the person trust you because it is a need for you in order to move forward and build. Trust is a feeling that comes from the heart and that does not respond to any “logic”, because it is of the order of instinct. You know, when you meet a person and you don’t feel them? Well, it’s the same! Trust will be established if the heart and the emotional are ready to cross a milestone. But, even if it is of the order of the emotional, there are 7 behaviors that will help you open the doors of trust.

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1. Be respectful (Trust in the couple)

Without respect in the couple no trust. If you tend to have words that exceed your thought without ever taking gloves: confidence will take a very big hit! The other, the one where the one you love, must be pampered as a precious stone. When you speak to him, you must exercise respect and kindness. If it’s to talk to him like you wouldn’t even a dog, it’s not worth it! Learn to put down your words and think before you speak. Act with others as you would like to be addressed.

2. Be a valuable person

When you commit: do it fully, 100%! A so-called word must be kept no matter what happens, otherwise trust cannot be present over time. Don’t get into a relationship if it’s to give yourself 90%! The remaining 10% will be a problem sooner or later. Honesty is and always will be a winner in a human relationship. There is no point in “hiding” a truth that will resurface sooner or later. Remember that 90% of language goes through non-verbal. This means that your interlocutor will necessarily feel the language of your body which may be in discordance of your speech. So, be in tune with your words, your gestures, your heart and your head otherwise trust can never take place.

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3. Share with the other his feelings (Trust in the couple)

You give your confidence when you are in an exchange process. That’s love: don’t be afraid of being rejected because the other loves us for who we are! To achieve this, you have to be able to give and receive. Take the time to share “together” to understand together and move forward on a path of construction and union. What do you risk? To be happy, to love, to feel understood…. you can only come out of it grown.


4. Do not judge to trust the couple

Your partner will remain a totally different entity from you. Being in a couple does not mean being in fusion, it is differences that create wealth. If the other is different: accept it and do not judge it. If he needs to see his friends or she has to phone her mother every day and it is beyond you: do not judge! You will see that the acceptance of differences will create a wealth between you and that you will grow and age together. The judgment, whatever it may be, can in no way be beneficial, whatever the situation.

5. Always be yourselves

To have someone’s trust, you have to be trustworthy. To achieve this, we must show ourselves as we are without pretence. You must be able to share your wildest dreams like crying hot tears.

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6. Vibrate together to take care of the confidence in the coupl

Trust in the couple will come when you have shared, lived and pushed the limits of the impossible. When you manage to get out of your comfort zone: this is where things will get interesting! Share evenings where you will remake the world. Travel as a lover to live new adventures… You have to vibrate to love yourself and trust this other who has laid bare in front of us. Be vulnerable, open up, love each other and welcome trust.

7. Be Yourself!

If you want to receive the trust of your partner, you must be as you are. By this I mean that it is not a role to play, a figuration or a challenge: love is real H24 and 100% if you show yourself such that you are really with your flaws and uncertainties, the other will welcome you and trust you! The concern is that we are in a society that requires us to constantly play roles, which means that we lose the part of truth that inhabits us.



To trust the couple you have to learn to reveal yourself without shame or fear. It is a process of sharing and communion in which there must be no judgment. If you show yourself to be open-hearted, you can be 99% sure that the person who shares your life will trust you. The real question to ask is: Do I have enough self-confidence to open up and give my heart?

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