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Fluminense presses, but ends up drawing with Vasco

O Classic of the Giants this Saturday (6) ended in a 1-1 tie. The game took place at 21:00 Maracanã, in a match valid for Brazilian. the goal of Basque was tagged by Peter Raul and Fluminense’s was marked by Lime.

Fluminense and Vasco drew 1-1 (Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/@Brasileirao)

Changes in teams

O Fluminense entered with an embezzlement for the match, since the striker keno suffered an injury to his left thigh during the game against River Plate and was sidelined. lime was his replacement in the classic.

O Basque had no embezzlement. The only change in the team was the lineup of Rodrigo as a starter in midfield instead of Marlon Gomes.

About the game

When the clock still marked 56 seconds of the first half, the goal of the Basque. the goalkeeper fabio missed a pass to Alexander and the attacker Alex Teixeira managed to recover the ball, playing for Peter Raul right away. The center forward finished to the back of the net and opened the scoring of the match.


At 4 minutes, the first arrival of the Fluminense: Lima received from Andre on the left side of the field and headed towards the area. The player finished in the right corner of the goal and the goalkeeper Leo Jardim managed to defend well.

After his goal, the Basque closed his defense and the Fluminense went in search of a draw. At the 13th minute of the game, the tricolor won a foul in the middle and John Arias went to billing; the Colombian took a good shot, but the ball went over the crossbar and ended up going out.

O Basque had another opportunity in the 23rd minute. the Vasco goalkeeper Leo Jardim kicked the ball forward Peter Raul. When the ball reached the tricolor defense, Felipe Melo lost time on the ball and also ended up losing to Gabriel Pec on the run; the Vasco winger recovered the ball and left for the area, but ended up kicking it out.

Three minutes later, the tricolor right-back Samuel Xavier ended up feeling and was replaced. Guga entered its place. O Fluminense continued attacking and, in the 29th minute, Marcelo spun on the ball to dribble Jair and was knocked down at the entrance to the area. In the collection, the tricolor left-back ended up getting a lot under the ball and it went over the goal.


In the remaining minutes, they didn’t have many opportunities for either team. A first stage ended as Fluminense looking for a draw and Basque closed, looking for counterattack opportunities.

During the break, coach Fernando Diniz took the defender Felipe Melo, recoiled Andre and put john kennedy in the match. Just three minutes into the second half, Gabriel Pec made a good move on the right and tried a cross. The ball deflected into Andre, hit the crossbar and left for Alex Teixeira, who failed to dominate and saw the ball go out over the bottom line.

At 9 minutes of the second stage, the tie came out of Fluminense: Jhon Arias crossed to German Cano, who finished first with the left hand. the goalkeeper Leo Jardim made a good defense and, on the rebound, the ball fell to Lime; despite being scored, the midfielder dominated and managed to reach the bottom of the net, tying the game.

The new chance Fluminense appeared in the 12th minute, with Marcelo. The left winger received a pass from Goose and went towards the area, releasing a bomb to the goal soon after. the goalkeeper Leo Jardim managed to defend.


on the side of Basque, the coach Mauricio Barbieri also stirred along the second step. He took Andrey, Gabriel Pec and Pedro Raul to put Galarza, Figueiredo and Eguinaldo respectively.

O Fluminense continued creating opportunities and attacking a lot, while the Basque he looked for some counterattack and defended himself. At 28 minutes of the second half, Goose managed to make a good header on the right side of the goal, but the goalkeeper Leo Jardim Stretched out and made a great defense. When the Basque recovered the ball, went on the counterattack after launching Pumite for the attack; Eguinaldo managed to receive in front and finished from outside the area. The ball skimmed the left side of goal Fabio.

In search of victory, Diniz made another change: the technician removed the lateral Marcelo and put the striker Lelê. O Orange Tricolor kept pressing the opponent and, in the 43rd minute, the defender Nino kicked well from outside the area and saw Leo Jardim managed to deflect the ball, which exploded in the crossbar.

In the remaining minutes, the Fluminense tried to break the tie with John Kennedy, who had his shot saved by the Vasco goalkeeper, and the Basque sought victory with Figueiredo, which ended out. The tricolor team asked penalty in the last moments of the game after supposed hand touch of Leo, but the VAR saw no penalty and so the referee ended the match.


next matches

O Fluminense returns to the field this Wednesday (10) to face Cruise, at 21:30 on the Independence Stadium. The game is valid for Brazilian championship.

O Basque plays on Thursday (11) against coritiba, at 7 pm on Couto Pereira stadium. The game is also valid for Brazilian championship.

Featured Photo: Lima and Robson dispute the ball in the classic. Marcelo Gonçalves/Fluminense


Fluminense presses, but ends up drawing with Vasco

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