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Karmic love

Karmic love refers to an important relationship that results from a very strong bond created in a previous life. This connection with another soul has been striking and may also have caused suffering. Some souls who have known each other before may be led to cross paths again in future incarnations. How to recognize a karmic love? Here are the 5 infallible signs to recognize a karmic love.

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What is karmic love?

To believe in karmic love, one must already believe in karma and the principle of reincarnation and previous lives. That is the starting point.


Indeed, karmic love presupposes the existence of karma, a founding principle of the great Indian religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. According to this principle, the life of human beings is perceived as the link in a chain of lives. The course of each of these lives is determined by how the person led his or her previous life. The existence of karma in love therefore supposes to believe in reincarnation. The strength of karmic love then finds a simple explanation: it is endowed with an extraordinary power because the bond between the people who experience it has already been woven into previous lives.

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Through our different lives, we evolve more or less with the same souls.

They can be friends, or on the contrary enemies, family members, love… Thus, a karmic relationship can be strong either in the agreement or in the conflict, but it is, in any case, striking. It is centered on reunions between two souls who have already crossed paths and known each other in an earlier incarnation. This is why one can immediately feel a feeling of complicity, sympathy or even intense love in front of someone, or conversely, a deep rejection.

These strong feelings are in fact the result of the relationships maintained with the souls in question during previous lives. This explains why sometimes, we feel a feeling of déjà vu, familiar, or a very lively feeling for a place or a person that we discover for the first time.

5 infallible signs to recognize a karmic love

It is difficult to recognize a karmic love by ignoring one’s fantasies, wishes and desires. For falling in love does not necessarily mean that you have already known the chosen person of your heart in another life. Here are, however, some possible signs of karmic love:


1) A particular connection is established

An alchemy takes place and indicates the tone of the relationship that will follow. In the reunion, instinctively, one is able to say if the other is sincere and if the bond will be lasting. To be able to identify a karmic relationship, it is therefore necessary to listen to his instincts. A very strong emotion can indeed be an obvious indicator of a recognition between two souls. In love, the karmic bond makes it possible to feel the feelings of the other and to establish a unique complicity.

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2) The speed of the emotions felt

The peculiarity of karmic love is the speed with which these very strong feelings occur, like love at first sight. It is very symptomatic of karmic love to feel this connection instantly, without delay, as soon as the meeting. This is due to the bond already existing between the two people in their previous lives. This meeting is in fact a recognition of the other, it is a “reunion

3) Attraction or rejection

As has been said, the encounter with the person arouses extremely strong emotions: it can be a sign of karma in love or in another area, friendship, family. That said, we must be aware that faced with the meeting of a karmic relationship, the feelings felt as strong as they are, are not necessarily good, positive, in love. Indeed, it can be as much about attraction as it is about revulsion, about attraction as it can be about rejection. Souls recognize themselves in bad feelings too. It is the dark side of a karmic encounter. But the power of what we feel allows us to situate ourselves.

Infallible signs to recognize a karmic love: 2 ways to help you

4) The help of karmic astrology

If you want to dive back into your past existences and get an analysis of the possible karmic origin of one of your relationships, you can turn to karmic astrology. This one will be able to guide you and give you indications about your previous incarnations.


5) Karmic numerology

Karmic numerology, on the other hand, focuses on numbers to decipher the nature of your relationships. The specialist uses the important figures of your life, such as your date of birth, as well as those of the life of your partner to discover information about the possible karmic link that could unite you.

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It will also help you understand possible relational problems that are repeated in your life. And thus identify your strengths but especially your weaknesses in order to correct them to give you the opportunity to evolve in your present existence compared to your previous lives and not commit the same mistakes.

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