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paths of female orgasm

Why do women struggle to have an orgasm? There are many explanations.

Not all women are equal before orgasm. On the face side, two out of three French women easily have orgasms, and this with various stimulations: penetration associated with caresses of the clitoris (77%), self-masturbation (70%), masturbation by the partner (68%), cunnilingus (65%), penetration alone (65%)*…

On the battery side, half of French women sometimes have difficulty reaching orgasm and one in four did not have one during their last sexual intercourse, while this was the case for only 6% of their partners*. A sexuality too focused on penetration is often put forward among the explanations, but this technical vision perhaps misses the point. In any case, this is what emerges from the national studies carried out in Finland, a country renowned for its concern for gender equality.


Too preoccupied to enjoy

Professor Osmo Kontula, who has been studying the sexuality of his fellow citizens for more than a quarter of a century, has just presented the explanation of the “downward trend” in the sexual and orgasmic satisfaction of Finnish women since the beginning of this millennium, at the annual congress of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, in Denver (Colorado).

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The main explanation, reported by half of the women who encounter these difficulties, is that they cannot relax psychologically to enjoy the pleasure of the moment. The fact of being concerned, of not being able to get rid of intrusive or negative thoughts, the difficulty of being fully present in the moment are indeed often evoked by women who have difficulties in enjoying.

Orgasm requires self-esteem (paths of female orgasm)

Then comes the lack of self-esteem. This can be complicated by physical complexes. It is no coincidence that in the above-mentioned survey, half of the women who were moderately satisfied with their physique often had difficulty orgasming, whereas this was the case for only 17% of those who were fully satisfied. But the lack of self-esteem can be more general, beyond sexuality.

Also mentioned are the adverse effects of medications, the lack of clitoral stimulation and difficulties with the partner. The survey underlines the importance of a comprehensive approach to removing the various potential bottlenecks.


*FIFG survey for CAM4 conducted in November 2015 among a representative sample of the female population aged 18 and over in France (1003 women) and in 7 other countries.

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