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9 Ways to Control Your Orgasm
Many men come faster than they would like during sex. We collected useful tips to control your orgasm and come less quickly.

Control Your Orgasm

  1. Train your pelvic floor muscles
    You can better control your orgasm if you train the muscles that allow you to squeeze your urine. It’s the same muscle you can use to move your penis when it’s erect. Once you find it, you can train it anywhere, even behind the desk! You can also hang a weight on your penis.
  2. Stay on level 7
    Sex has different phases, of which the moment just before and during orgasm are the most intense. In your mind, divide the intensity into 10 points, and try to keep yourself at 7.
  3. Squeeze the blood from the erection
    If you feel like you’re coming too soon, stop. Squeeze your penis, just below the glans, so that you press on the bridle with your fingers. This causes blood to drain from your penis, which also inhibits your orgasm.
  4. Wear your foreskin back
    If you have a foreskin, you can choose to pull it back during the day. This makes your glans rub against your underpants, making it slightly less sensitive. This ensures that you can last longer during sex. Does your foreskin keep floating forward? Then just use a tape or a band-aid – you’re the only one who knows.
  5. Masturbate more and longer
    By masturbating more often you get to know your body better and you can learn to control your orgasm. Try to masturbate like a woman: at least 15 minutes. Take yourself to the point where you can barely go back a few times without actually ejaculating.
  6. Make her cum first
    Ladies First. Show that you are also a gentleman in bed. Besides that, it can also take some stress off you. If she’s already come and had great sex, you can come as soon as you want now. Nobody will complain that you always come so quickly.
  7. Let yourself be pampered
    When she is on top of you, the penis is less stimulated. Ask her to take it slow so you can last longer.
  8. Go for a second round
    Masturbate for a moment to get rid of the greatest need, and then get to work together. Make sure you don’t fall asleep. Many men last longer in the second round. You can then have normal sex and maybe even make some effort to get off.
  9. Focus on the sex and not the orgasm
    It may sound strange, but it is true. The more you think about your orgasm, the sooner it will come. Focus on the sex itself and not your orgasm.
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More tips to get your orgasm under control?
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