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Happiness is like Sex: 3 Secrets
There is a big difference between talking about sex and experiencing sex. So it is also with luck. Do you choose to talk about happiness, or do you choose to experience happiness?
Happiness is like sex
You can spend hours talking, thinking, fantasizing and writing about sex without getting anywhere near the actual sensation that sexual energy can give you.

Sex doesn’t come to life until you experience it. Only when you really experience it can you really enjoy the enormous sensation that sex has to offer.

That is also how it works with luck.

Happiness is in the moment
You cannot experience happiness in the future. You can only experience it in the here and now, and so happiness, like sexual pleasure, is always in the moment.


You can spend hours talking, thinking, fantasizing and writing about happiness without getting anything close to the actual sensation that the feeling of intense happiness can give you.

While most people worry about ‘soon’ or fantasize about an abstract future where everything will be better, others choose to simply experience happiness.

Experience happiness
Just as sexual pleasure is always (literally) at your fingertips, you don’t have to look far for the feeling of intense happiness. It is not a feeling that depends on all kinds of external factors. It is a feeling that you can generate simply by being in the moment.

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Just like sexual pleasure, happiness is always present in your body. You just have to give it space to come out.

Living in the here and now is to happiness what masturbation is to sex. You can (in theory) do it anywhere you want, when you want, how often you want and you don’t need anyone or anything at all.


Those short, special moments of intense happiness that can bring tears to your eyes and goosebumps on your back can be aroused by getting yourself in the right state. Not by thinking for hours or working on a happy life. But precisely by choosing to experience happiness.

How do you do that, live in the here and now? We have already often written about, and it remains one of the most challenging habits to teach yourself to. It’s simple, but it’s not always easy.

  1. Experience what is
    Experiencing happiness in the here and now is possible by concentrating on the moment and not being carried away by your stream of thoughts. This will get you out of your ‘virtual’ world of thoughts and make contact with reality.

Reality is everything you can perceive with your senses right now, everything that can prove itself to you in the here and now. Reality is not that stream of thoughts that tells you to do so many things in the future.


Reality is the experience of your breathing, the wind along your cheek, the sound of the radio, the taste of your food, the smell of your living room.

  1. Accept what is
    Things are neither good nor bad . Things are or things aren’t. Living in the moment is therefore to stop judging and start observing.

Focus on that which is, and try not to find any of it.
Accept it as it is.

  1. Appreciate what is
    The English word for ‘today’ is ‘present’. Literally translated, gift . See every moment as a gift, appreciate it for what it is, with all its beauties and imperfections.

Feel gratitude for what is and do your best to fully enjoy the moment.

Happiness is simple and everywhere
While sex and happiness have a lot in common (and generally go together), they also have an important difference. Sex is a basic need for our body, intense happiness lies in the area of ​​the highest attainable.


So it is important to live in the moment more often, see it now for what it is and accept and appreciate it. That way you can experience intense happiness anywhere, whenever you want. This may not always be easy , but it is always worth it.

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