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A better sex life can make your relationship better
Is your sex life not what it used to be? Talk about that.

What needs do you have? What do you miss, what do you find important? A good sex life is part of a good relationship.

Bad – or less frequent – sex is the cause of many relationship problems. Good sex can make your relationship better and is more fun than long conversations.

For most couples, intimacy is indispensable in a good relationship. Yet, strangely enough, it quickly falls short.

Do you want to improve your sex life (and therefore relationship)? Then follow these simple tips:
Pay extra attention to each other – light a candle and open a good bottle of wine.
Do extensive foreplay AND after play.
Try new things in bed – that creates a bond.
Indicate what you need – even if it is difficult.
Touching each other is also important in a relationship. And not just in bed. A touch can turn someone on, but it also strengthens your emotional relationship. Holding hands, hugging or kissing each other is enough.

Tip: In this blog you can read extensively how you can make him happy between the sheets. Also check out these 17 Dirty Talk Tips to keep sexual tension in your relationship.


Are you afraid to talk to him about your sex life? Then you are not alone.

Couple disputes: how to manage them and reconcile? #love

After years of being together, the threshold to try something new can be greater.

Massaging each other is a good way to make sure you are both relaxed or even aroused. Talking about your fantasies is then only a small step.



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