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Make your relationship better and Healthy by listening
Books have been written about the communication between men and women.

And especially how we differ in this ( about Venus and Mars and so on ). All well and good, but basically communication really doesn’t have to be that complicated.

Do you know why?

Men and women all want the same thing
To be happy.

Relationships are an important foundation for happiness and no one likes to argue. (Okay… hardly anyone).


Healthy Relationship

Clear communication between you is very important to be happy together.

Fortunately, that is very easy. It really only takes one skill:


But what exactly is listening?
Listening is not:

Watching someone while thinking about what you want to say.
Nodding and thinking: blah blah blah blah.
Not being open to the other person’s opinion.
Fill in yourself what the other means according to you.
Listening is:

How to behave with an undecided man? 6 tips to help you

Being interested in the feeling and message of the other.
Show with your body language that you are listening – a nod now and then, for example.
Let the other finish.
Show understanding and empathy.
So really listen, without distraction, but with complete attention and genuine interest in the other.


Healthy Relationship by:

Trust each other
Trust is the foundation of any relationship.

Has that been violated? Then it will take a lot of time to get over this together. Still, you will have to …

At least if you want to continue together.

Read this article if you want to know how to repair a relationship after a breakdown of trust due to cheating.

Life gets way too stressful when you always have to doubt his word
Is he really going to work? Is he really with friends? That is no action. Not really. You can make your relationship better by assuming he is telling the truth.


That’s how you do that:

Have good conversations about this together. How can you help each other to regain trust?
So stick to the solutions. For example, have you promised that you will always be available? Then pay attention to that!


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