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5 types of protection your company can have
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Protecting your company guarantees that there will be integrity of assets and people. It can happen in person or remotely, but it must always be done by experts.

Every entrepreneur cares about their business and the safety of their activities. To do this, think about the protection your company can have and what benefits they will bring.


Perhaps the main offenders in this field are robberies, thefts and break-ins. These can lead to loss of property and money.

Company protection gives you more peace of mind to focus on other matters. To avoid this type of problem, there are several measures that can be adopted. Check it out below!

5 types of protection your company can have
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Which companies need private security and outsourced services?

Before talking about the types of protection, it is worth answering this very common question.

And the answer is: all companies need to invest in private security. All of them are exposed at some point and can suffer from problems from attackers and others.

According to Visud security and facilities company, a specialist in the area, it is more worth investing in outsourcing than having your own team. This way, the organization focuses on its business and leaves protection to those who really understand.


Of course, the type of security to be used varies depending on the size of the company. Some only need a concierge service, others need camera monitoring. The larger ones may have a complete package of services.

See what you can invest in to reinforce the security and preservation of assets.

1. Private security

Private security can be done in different ways. One of the most common is the use of concierge. Trained professionals work to prevent unauthorized people from entering the company.

Doormen or receptionists also supervise, guide and open and close the entrances to the facilities. This demonstrates that there is control of the installations from its point of entry.


Another possibility is the use of monitoring cameras, with a central unit that monitors what happens. At the slightest sign of irregularity, action can be taken immediately.

2. Round

Security rounds are a reinforcement of the private security service. Trained professionals circulate around the company to ensure that everything is ok. They know the strategic points and keep watch at all times.

For any sign of a problem, they can spring into action and move quickly to locations to ensure the protection your company can have.

With this type of security, it is possible to guarantee peace of mind for employees and visitors. Not to mention that this inhibits the actions of criminals.


3. Data security

Data security is something that has been widely discussed. They may contain relevant company information, leaving it vulnerable in relation to competitors.

A data breach can result in the company stealing money and losing other valuable resources.

While private security takes care of physical assets, data security takes care of virtual ones.

It is necessary to have intruder protection systems, secure software, encrypted environments and more. Having an IT team specialized in the topic is essential.


4. Auto insurance

Different measures must be adopted to prevent theft and other types of problems. When this is not possible, it is necessary to have a plan B.

Car insurance will ensure that, if something happens to the vehicle, the company will not be left at a loss. It could be a theft or a collision, and she could be compensated for the damages.

The big advantage is that you can choose which protections are relevant and have a personalized product for the needs of each business.

This way, assets are preserved and can be replaced more quickly without affecting finances.


5. Property insurance

The protection that your company can have must consider the most diverse setbacks. At times, the data may be the result of rain, floods and other natural events. Additionally, short circuits and fires may occur.

Property insurance cannot prevent these cases, but it can help financially with recovery. When there is coverage for these events, it is possible to minimize losses and receive amounts from insurance companies.

No matter the size of the organization, it can always count on the protection that your company can have. This way, everyone is calmer and business is not harmed.


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5 types of protection your company can have

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5 types of protection your company can have


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5 types of protection your company can have


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