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How does motorcycle insurance with a tracker work?
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Many people think that taking out motorcycle insurance is not worth it. After all, the cost of protection is very high. But there is an option full of attractions: motorcycle insurance with a tracker. Follow the text and understand how it can be advantageous for the safety of your vehicle.

Thinking about protecting your motorcycle? So, how about opting for motorcycle insurance with a tracker?


Its main function will be to compensate for losses after a theft or robbery, and it can also guarantee assistance after a collision, fire or other.

Hire yours and walk around with peace of mind!

Protections vary depending on the coverage contracted and the insurer chosen.

Often, a lack of knowledge leads to the mistake of not taking out motorcycle insurance. And this error leads to loss.

To give you an idea, in the state of São Paulo alone, four motorcycles are stolen every hour.


Especially in large cities, people buy more motorcycles because they are a fast and cheap vehicle.

However, they are also more prone to traffic accidents and claims, especially robbery and theft.

Trying to reduce this problem for owners, there is motorcycle insurance with a tracker.

Through it, the vehicle gains a little more security, as it can be more easily located.

How does motorcycle insurance with a tracker work?

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What is motorcycle insurance with a tracker?

The only difference between motorcycle and car insurance is that some insurers do not accept full motorcycle insurance.

Full insurance is insurance that covers:

  • Robberies;
  • Thefts;
  • Collision;
  • Fire.

Therefore, it is more common for the protection offered to the motorcycle to be against robbery and theft.

Still, it is important to do a lot of research before hiring.


Some insurers offer broader coverage, which can further increase your convenience.

The research is also interesting because motorcycle insurance costs vary greatly.

Especially because companies consider different factors when estimating the cost of protection.

As motorcycles are very popular vehicles and thefts are increasing every day, the total insurance cost is high.


To overcome this inconvenience and not walk around the streets helplessly, you can take out theft and theft insurance.

This insurance has a lower price, but does not cover collisions or damage to third parties, for example.

But even if coverage is limited you will still be protected.

Additionally, there is the option of motorcycle insurance with a tracker.


The tracker is nothing more than a device that allows the location of the vehicle.

With it, the motorcycle can be more easily located and recovered by the police.

The presence of this equipment is advantageous in several ways.


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First, because it prevents total harm to the user.


At the same time, the equipment makes taking out insurance cheaper.

Why is motorcycle insurance with a tracker cheaper?

When setting the price of insurance, insurers define the risk level of the motorcycle.

Normally, this risk is high, as this is one of the most stolen vehicles in Brazil.

When the motorcycle is stolen and not recovered, the insurance company must pay full compensation.


The values ​​will allow the purchase of a new motorcycle for the user.

A motorcycle with a tracker can be located quickly.

When this occurs, the insurer does not need to pay the full insurance compensation.

Instead, it will only pay for the repair of damage that occurred.


In other words: a tracker makes insurance cheaper for the insurer.

Therefore, it charges less for protection, which is very good for the user's pocket.

If you wish to hire the tracker, installation can be done at home or at the insurance company.

Generally, the system also allows tracking via the internet and/or smartphone app, which makes life easier for the driver.


It is also possible to take out motorcycle insurance without a tracker, or even a tracker without insurance.

In the first case, the cost of protection is usually much higher, as the risks are also greater.

Hiring a tracker without insurance tends to attract those who want to save money.

With the option, however, the user does not receive any type of compensation.

Not even if the motorcycle is stolen and not recovered, nor if it needs repairs.


The individual pays for everything alone, without compensation.

How does motorcycle insurance with a tracker work?

When taking out insurance, the user chooses the coverage they want.

Then, after one of the covered losses occurs, the insured can contact the insurer and obtain assistance.

When the motorcycle is stolen or stolen, the tracker is consulted to try to locate it.


This way, the police can recover the vehicle and return it to its owner.

As soon as the motorcycle is returned, it may need repairs.

The same happens if the accident is different, such as a collision or fire, if they are covered.

Then, the insurance company will arrange the repair.


In more basic insurance, which only covers theft and theft, motorcycle insurance does not usually have a deductible.

Then, the insurance company compensates for the losses in full.

In the case of comprehensive insurance, with more coverage, the deductible may be charged.

The rules are listed in each user's insurance policy.


The deductible is the cost the user is responsible for after an accident.

It is through this that the insured and the insurer share the losses.

For example: your motorcycle suffers a collision, and the repair will cost R$1,000. In your contract, the deductible is determined to be R$500. So, you, the user, will pay R$500 to the workshop to repair the vehicle. The insurance company will pay the remaining R$500.

In any case, the deductible is only charged in cases of partial loss.


That is, when the damage to the motorcycle corresponds to, at most, 75% of its value.

When larger, it is said that there was a total loss.

Then, the insurance company pays the individual the full compensation.

Full insurance compensation aims to allow the purchase of a new motorcycle.


Why is it difficult to take out motorcycle insurance?

As mentioned above, the rate of motorcycle thefts in the country is high.

As the insurance value is calculated according to the risk, the price of protection will be high.

As well as the chances that the insurance company will have to pay compensation.

With this in mind, many companies do not see the advantages of covering motorcycles.


So, it is interesting to have a trustworthy broker.

The specialist will know the best insurance companies on the market.

At the same time, you will need to check whether the insurance company can sell insurance.

Only companies authorized by the Private Insurance Superintendence (Susep) can offer this type of product.


Inquiries can be made on the institution's website.

When taking out insurance, it is also worth reducing the risk of accidents.

Therefore, at the time of the quote, insurers will see a greater advantage in protecting the motorcycle.

The user can, for example, start keeping his motorcycle in a parking lot.


With this simple measure, the cost of insurance will become a little lower, as you will have reduced the chances of the vehicle being stolen.

Insurers also usually check the driver's history.

Therefore, the more incidents you have, the more expensive the insurance will be.

Pay attention to the way you drive and always be cautious!


In any case, when making a quote, it is essential to answer the questions truthfully.

This means that you should not give incorrect or false information to the insurance company.

Like saying that the motorcycle is parked in a parking lot, when, in fact, it remains on the street.

This care is essential to avoid denial of compensation.


Denial is common when the insurer realizes that the information it has does not correspond to reality.

In these cases, the user ends up paying for the loss out of their own pocket, and may even be prosecuted for fraud.

Care when taking out motorcycle insurance

Telling the truth to the insurance company is not the only important consideration when taking out motorcycle insurance.

Another essential point is to evaluate the insurance company’s reputation.


For this reason, always research the company.

Check what consumers' opinions are about the company, find out what the most common complaints are and whether they are resolved.

You will only be truly well insured if the company already meets the demands of its current customers.

It is still important to pay attention to the coverage contracted.


If your goal is to purchase fairly comprehensive insurance, you will probably have to do a little more research.

However, you will have several claims reimbursed, which is a great advantage.

It is essential to read your insurance policy and find out about the insurer's rules.

With this care, you will know how to contact the company and learn about the coverage standards.


It's not very difficult to understand how motorcycle insurance with a tracker works.

I hope our tips help you when hiring!

To make the process go more smoothly, don't forget to contact a broker and take out your motorcycle insurance with a tracker.


How does motorcycle insurance with a tracker work?

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How does motorcycle insurance with a tracker work?


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How does motorcycle insurance with a tracker work?


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