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Intermittent car insurance allows you to pay only for the time you use it. This modality has specific rules and can serve those who use the car sporadically.

When thinking about taking out insurance, it is common to find several options. But, most of the time there is a fixed and high value. The point is that people want personalized products and only pay for what they use.


Intermittent car insurance is a relatively new type of car insurance on the market that comes with a different proposal. It intends to meet the demand of people who want to pay only for what they use.

How intermittent auto insurance works

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What is intermittent auto insurance?

Intermittent, pay per use or on and off auto insurance are just a few names given to this insurance.

It is a product that the person decides when they want to use and when they don't need the protection, they can turn it off.


The person will have a policy like traditional insurance, they will choose their coverage, however, the protections will not be available full-time.

How does pay per use insurance work?

In order for you to have this car insurance, you must first choose an insurance company that works with this modality. Depending on your vehicle model and place of residence, when requesting a quote, you will receive a proposal with the monthly price.

This fixed fee per month is usually affordable, the value is quite low and serves to guarantee the purchase of the product.

In order to activate the contracted coverage, you must activate the insurance when using the car. This can be done through a cell phone application, telemetry services and others as the insurance company makes available.


But, to understand better, let's assume that you are leaving home to work. When you arrive at your garage, simply access the app and activate the insurance. By doing this, the coverage will be made available and you will be charged for the time of use or mileage traveled.

This way, when you arrive at work and leave your car in the parking lot, you can turn off your insurance. When you return home, just do the process again, activating and deactivating the covers.

Is intermittent insurance cheaper?

This is an important question to answer, and you need to know the values ​​charged by insurance companies.

However, in traditional insurance you have to pay a fixed annual amount, however, there is no extra charge to guarantee the protections.


In intermittent insurance, the monthly cost is quite low, which is a big attraction. On the other hand, every time there is use, an additional fee is charged, even if it is less than R$0.10 per kilometer traveled.

Doing the math, you can see that the savings can be quite large for those who use their car a little. If you just want to get to and from work and do few daily activities, it may be the best choice.

On the other hand, those who use their car all day, for example, depend on it to work and travel long distances, may not be as interesting.

As each case is unique, the best way to know if intermittent insurance is cheaper is to do the math and compare.


What are the advantages of intermittent insurance?

Pay-per-use insurance has been increasing its market share, the price has fallen and more and more insurers are investing in it. This is because it has presented some advantages to consumers.

One of them is the fact that most vehicles are accepted, unlike what happens with traditional insurance. The restriction regarding the type of car that will be insured is almost minimal.

The possibility of choosing the coverage contracted is another attraction. Just because it also exists in traditional insurance. The difference is that with intermittent insurance, changes can often be made online and without bureaucracy.

Insurance policies have different validity periods, in some cases they are valid for only 1 month. This flexibility makes people more comfortable hiring the service as they will not need to be tied to them for a long time.


Perhaps the main advantage is that you only pay for what you use. People don't want to feel like they're spending money on something that isn't useful.

Despite all the advantages, it is necessary to pay attention to some points. You should not forget to activate your insurance whenever you use the vehicle.

Furthermore, check the policy to see if the car is parked in the garage if you are entitled to coverage. If a theft occurs, what would it look like in that case?

Intermittent insurance is an option that is gaining popularity in the market and knowing how it works makes it easier to decide whether it will meet your needs.


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see how it works, advantages and more!

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see how it works, advantages and more!


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see how it works, advantages and more!

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