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Car insurance Rio de Janeiro – RJ
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Are you thinking about hiring car insurance in Rio de Janeiro to drive your car throughout the state with more protection and confidence? If so, it's worth following this article and finding out all the most important information to make the best purchase of this service.

Rio de Janeiro is one of the Brazilian states that most attracts tourists, both national and international.


Therefore, it is common to always find a large flow of vehicles on state and federal roads and highways.

How to request a bill from your insurance company

According to the last survey carried out in 2018 by IBGE – Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, the number of vehicles circulating in the State of Rio de Janeiro was 6,725,822, currently, this number should be much higher.

According to a second survey carried out in the same period, only 20% of the entire vehicle fleet in Brazil has car insurance protection.

In other words, the vast majority of vehicles that circulate both in the State of Rio de Janeiro and throughout the country have some type of protection against accidents and other traffic problems.


If you are part of the majority and are thinking about getting out of this situation by taking out car insurance in Rio de Janeiro, you may be a little lost in the face of the many possibilities available on the market.

To help you with this issue, we have prepared an article with the most important information to consider when hiring, follow along.

Car insurance Rio de Janeiro - RJ

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Why take out car insurance in Rio de Janeiro?

In 2018 alone, around 67 thousand vehicles were stolen or stolen throughout the State of Rio de Janeiro.


According to the ISP – Public Security Institute, in March 2018 there was a 7.1% increase in vehicle thefts, compared to the same period last year.

According to the 2019 Traffic Dossier, produced by Detran – RJ, in 2018 alone, traffic accidents caused 1,957 fatal victims and 27,520 non-fatal victims across the State.

In other words, there were 29,477 traffic accidents with victims, not to mention accidents without victims.

Given this scenario, having a vehicle and not having car insurance in Rio de Janeiro, even if it is a simpler coverage, such as that only against theft and theft, is extremely risky.


Especially in the case of new or imported vehicles, which are more targeted by thieves or have high repair costs.

After all, we are talking about a service responsible for protecting your car in cases of theft and non-recovery, where the insurance company will reimburse you for the value of the car, according to the FIPE table in your contract.

As in cases of accidents, whether collisions or other problems such as lightning strikes, fires and more.

Most stolen cars in Rio de Janeiro

Among all Brazilian states, Rio de Janeiro is the champion in robberies and vehicle thefts.


According to research carried out on the official SUSEP website, through the IVR – Stolen Vehicle Index, the ranking of the 20 vehicles with the highest rate of robbery and theft in the State of Rio de Janeiro are:

Ranking Model Number of vehicles in the State Number of robberies or thefts
01 Hyundai HB20 10,096 338
02 Peugeot 208 1,764 48
03 Ford Fusion 1,030 26
04 Volkswagen Crossfox 1,773 43
05 Fiat Siena 1.0 7,756 185
06 Chevrolet Onix 5,660 130
07 JAC – Various 1993 45
08 Chevrolet Cruze 2,459 55
09 Ford Ecosport 7,995 176
10 Fiat Siena over 1.0 5,066 109
11 Kia Motors Cerato 1,629 35
12 Volkswagen Voyage 9,010 186
13 Chevrolet Prisma 7,431 151
14 Fiat Uno Way 674 13
15 Volkswagen Golf 1.0 14,015 266
16 Fiat Palio 1.0 16,131 303
17 Fiat Uno 1.0 10,073 185
18 Renault Duster 3,062 56
19 Renault Sandero 2,314 42
20 Peugeot 308 772 14

If your car is not on this list, it is worth accessing the SUSEP website, which offers vehicle owners or those who wish to purchase this type of asset a constantly updated list of the vehicles most stolen by thieves throughout Brazil.

With this information, it is possible to check not only the risk of your vehicle being stolen or stolen, but also the importance of having good car insurance in Rio de Janeiro to avoid later problems.

How much does car insurance cost in Rio de Janeiro

The price of car insurance in Rio de Janeiro, as in any other state in the country, varies greatly depending on details such as the chosen insurer, the coverage contracted, driver profile, model and year of the vehicle, as well as its condition. .


Therefore, the most appropriate way to find out how much Rio de Janeiro car insurance costs for your vehicle is by carrying out an online car simulation.

But don't worry, below we will show you some examples of car insurance values ​​in Rio de Janeiro for different models, follow along:

Car insurance prices in the State of Rio de Janeiro

Model Year Driver profile City Price
Gol G5 1.0 Mi Total Flex 8V 4P 2010 Male, 64 years old Rio de Janeiro R$ 1,311.79
Pajero Tr4 2.0 2.0 Flex 16V 4X4 Aut. 2011 Female, 61 years old Round Round BRL 2,588.44
Jetta Highline 2.0 Tsi 16V 4P Tiptronic 2012 Male, 25 years old Teresópolis BRL 2,879.83
Civic Sedan Lxr 2.0 Flexone 16V Auto 4P 2013 Male, 24 years old Macaé BRL 5,203.24
Hb20 Hatch Confort 1.0 Flex 12V Mec 2014 Male, 32 years old Petrópolis R$ 1,303.84
Ecosport Se 1.6 16V Flex 5P Mec. 2015 Female, 39 years old mosque R$ 3,097.00
Palio Attractive 1.0 Evo Fire Flex 8V 5P 2016 Male, 75 years old Magé R$ 1,157.65
Jeep Compass Sport 2.0 16V 2017 Male, 57 years old Sissy boy BRL 3,397.71
Crossfox 1.6 T. Flex 16V 5P 2018 Male, 68 years old sinkhole R$ 1,489.29
Sandero Stepway Dynamiq. Flex 1.6 16V 5P 2019 Male, 39 years old Cabo Frio BRL 3,991.94
Uno Attractive 1.0 Fire Flex 8V 5P 2020 Female, 31 years old Nova Friburgo BRL 2,375.67

Don't forget that, although the values ​​presented above were quoted by real drivers, they are only used to give you an idea of ​​the average amount charged for insurance for the models mentioned.

Therefore, even if you find an example with a car of the same model and year as yours, it is important to carry out your own car insurance simulation.


Quote the price of your Auto Insurance now!

A best quotewith best brokersby the best prices.


After all, your profile will be different from the one used in the quote shown.

How to take out car insurance in Rio de Janeiro?

The first step to taking out car insurance in Rio de Janeiro is to define what coverage you want to take out.

Once this is done, the next step is to obtain as many car insurance quotes as possible, whether online or in person, through a specialized broker or not.

This step is essential to get the best prices and benefits.


If you have difficulty obtaining quotes, it is worth enlisting the help of a broker.

This will make the entire process of choosing and contracting Rio de Janeiro car insurance much simpler and faster.

Car insurance companies Rio de Janeiro

People who have decided to definitively choose good car insurance in Rio de Janeiro can count on several options from companies that operate in this field.

To help you choose an insurance company, we have selected some companies that operate in this sector of the market:

  • safe harbor: in the Brazilian insurance market since 1945, with insurance for car, motorcycle, life, health, company, home, events, family, portable equipment, and coverage ranging from the simplest to the most complete;
  • Alfa Insurance: in Brazil since 1999, Alfa Seguradora has been offering life, property, vehicle, motorcycle, company, pension, health and other insurance with different plan possibilities according to the needs and financial conditions of each interested person;
  • Mapfre: present in Brazil since 1992, Mapfre offers protection for cars and motorcycles, home insurance, life insurance, and also offers services such as consortium, capitalization, investments and much more;
  • Bradesco Seguros: among the many services that Bradesco Seguros offers, there is Bradesco Auto/RE, which offers numerous coverage possibilities;
  • Tokyo Marine: the Japanese insurer offers different types of insurance such as car, home, business, personal accident insurance and more, with different coverages available.

These are just some of the many insurance companies operating in the State of Rio de Janeiro.

If you can't find good coverage at an affordable price from any of these companies, it's worth keeping searching.

And you, do you already have the protection of Rio de Janeiro car insurance?

What do you think of this type of service that is offered for your vehicle needs?

Leave your opinion and comments below to be able to adequately protect yourself from the dangers of theft and car theft in Rio de Janeiro.


*This text is editorial content and does not guarantee the sale of this product on this website.

* is not responsible for the values ​​mentioned here, as the price of insurance may vary depending on the profile of each driver.

Car insurance Rio de Janeiro – RJ

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Car insurance Rio de Janeiro – RJ



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Car insurance Rio de Janeiro – RJ

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