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Silvia Abravanel surprises by unfollowing her sisters on Instagram and sparks controversy

Silvio Santos' second daughter, Silvia Abravanel, surprised internet users by unfollowing her five sisters on Instagram this Saturday afternoon (22) – Cintia, Daniela, Patrícia, Rebeca and Renata, which generated great repercussions on Twitter.

Currently presenting the “Happy Saturday“, she was left out of the return of “Good morning and company“. The decision to resume the children's program without a presenter, just showing cartoons, came from the station's vice-president, Daniela Beyruti, in July. Silvia presented the morning show for seven years, between 2015 and 2022, when it was removed from the schedule after 28 years of history. In an interview with the program “Sideways With Fefito“, Silvia expressed her discontent with the decision and revealed that the end of “Good morning” was painful for her and her team.


Silvia Abravanel, second daughter of Silvio Santos, stopped following her other five sisters on Instagram

Silvia Abravanel, second daughter of Silvio Santos, stopped following her other five sisters on Instagram. (Photo: reproduction/Instagram/@silviaabravanel)

Moments of Togetherness and Family Challenges

In recent times, the sisters have been seen together on at least two occasions. In April, Silvia celebrated her 52nd birthday with a surprise party organized by her daughter, Amanda, which was attended by her sisters. In June, they got together to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Silvio Santos Program, alongside Íris Abravanel and other artists who are part of the Sunday program's history.

The relationship between family members has previously faced turbulent moments, with Tiago Abravanel's outbursts about his separation from Silvio Santos' family. In 2015, Silvia revealed that she felt oppressed by Patrícia while participating in the Telethon, adding more tension to the family scenario.

Furthermore, Silvia has already shared details about her discovery that she was adopted, a delicate moment that revisited questions about her origins. Although she had considered seeking information about her biological parents in the past, the presenter abandoned the idea to avoid disappointing Silvio Santos and his deceased mother, Maria Aparecida Vieira.


Silvia talks about Silvio Santos' health

Silvia talks about Silvio Santos' health. (Photo: reproduction/Instagram/@silviaabravanel)

Silvio Santos' health and removal from SBT

Silvia Abravanel was present at the Instituto Neymar Jr auction, at the end of June, and took the opportunity to talk about the health of her father, Silvio Santos, who is 92 years old. She reported that he is doing well and praised the program held in his honor. Meanwhile, Silvio Santos' departure from his activities at SBT has been noted, with Daniela taking over decisions at the broadcaster. The situation continues to be monitored by the media and followers of the personalities, who seek to understand the possible reasons behind this stance.

Silvia's attitude of unfollowing her sisters on Instagram certainly keeps the spotlight on the Abravanel family and generates speculation about the complex family ties that involve the renowned presenter and his children.

Featured photo: Silvia Abravanel presenter of Sábado Animado. Reproduction/Instagram/@silviaabravanel

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Silvia Abravanel surprises by unfollowing her sisters on Instagram and sparks controversy

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