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things you feel when you meet your soul mate

Some believe in it, others do not. But in love, it is an expression that we like to use and we would all like to find it one day. A soulmate is a person with whom one maintains a deep, powerful and often immediate bond. Our soulmate pushes us to question our own worth, what we want and, above all, what we do not want in love. So how does it feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually when you meet your soulmate? What is going on in us? Here are 9 things you feel when you meet your soul mate.

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9 things you feel when you meet your soul mate

#1 Physical signs (Things you feel when you meet your soul mate)

You will feel buzzing, tingling, and especially at the level of your crown chakra. And for that of the heart, a form of cardiac acceleration. Also, warm sensations that spread through the body, or reddening. All these physical signs are due to the peak of spiritual energy that we feel when our aura interacts with that of a soul mate.


#2 A feeling of inner peace

Paradoxically, if the body reacts, at the same time emotionally a deep feeling of calm and inner peaceoccurs . Like what it feels like when you come home after a long exhausting journey and finally feel at home. It’s comforting, soothing, and you think how happy you are to be there

#3 An obvious fact: one of the main things you feel when you meet your soulmate

You will no longer be able to remember what your life was like before this meeting. It’s so natural,like finding the last piece of a puzzle. You will feel deep within you that he is the right person,the heart opens like never before,

Things you feel when you meet your soul mate

#4 An immediate connection

One look is enough to understand you. No need for words, no need for a thousand explanations. Silences are not annoying or uncomfortable, on the contrary, they allow you to appreciate the moments you share together. You understand each other, it is inexplicable. You see, even if many ask the question: do soulmates really exist? The answer is yes!

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#5 Reminiscences

If your partner is your soul mate, chances are they have been present in your past lives. Because of this, it is possible that you suddenly and briefly see flashbacks of your soul mate, with this funny impression of déjà vu, as if a moment were repeated and had perhaps existed before and elsewhere. This confirms the feeling of knowing this person for a very long time


4 other things you feel when you meet your soulmate

#6 A sense of invincibility

At his side, you feel invincible, as if you could overcome all obstacles, survive the worst suffering while continuing to find the beautiful world, because you see him through his eyes. It’s as if you’re gaining height, everything seems easier and things fall into place around you by annihilating your old fears and your doubts are like gone away.

Things you feel when you meet your soul mate

#7 High intensity

This relationship creates very intense feelings in you, so much so that you feel like a permanent warmth. This encounter with the soul mate is like a loving revelation. With this kind of love, there is no need for compromise. One is naturally the ideal partner for the other.

#8 A sense of security (Things you feel when you meet your soul mate)

Your soul mate will make you feel like you have a guardian angel by your side. You will feel totally safe by his side, in your place, comfortable, without unnecessary worries about your relationship or others. This will sweep away your old fears and sources of anxiety.

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#9 A mental connection: one of the things you feel when you meet your soulmate

Have you ever thought about someone calling you in the next few minutes? Have you ever uttered the same word or phrase at the same time as someone? Or have you ever thought of something, again, at the same time as another person? Ditto for music, humming a little song, or having it in mind for a whole day. And, it turns out that this is the same for your soul mate. Indeed, soulmates often have a mental connection similar to that shared by twins. Your minds are kind of on the same page.


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