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Love alchemy

What is love alchemy? What does this term mean? Passionate love, love at first sight, principle of soulmates, love obsession,or none of this? The term alchemy is reminiscent of both a chemical reaction and something a little magical. So what is the situation in reality? Knowing a love alchemy with someone, is it synonymous with love always, happiness, or is it more complicated than that? Love alchemy: what is it? Here are some answers to help you understand this expression and find out if you are living a relationship of this type or if you have ever experienced one.


Love alchemy: what is it?

Global definition of love alchemy

We could define alchemy as an uncontrollable attraction between two people, between two hearts and two bodies that seek each other and are constantly finding each other. One is nothing without the other, this spark gives rise to very intense feelings that go beyond everything else; so much so that the separations are heartbreaking.


Most of the time, in fact, we speak of love alchemy as a form of irresistible attraction. This attraction is not only physical, but also intellectual and emotional. And it is such that it becomes uncontrollable, as if we were attracted like a magnet. It is a real connection between two beings, which is based on the mechanisms of the law of attraction, which are mostly unconscious.

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Signs of love alchemy

1. Permanent looks

The first sign of the existence of alchemy between two people is found in the gaze: the way in which an exchange of glances takes place is very revealing. When you feel a strong chemistry with someone, it becomes almost impossible to take your gaze off from your own. Most of the time, we do this unconsciously, we do not control this attraction.

2. Body language

The love alchemy is also felt by the whole body language, as if the two bodies attracted each other like two magnets. Bodies actually react to the emotions aroused by love alchemy. These are small signs, such as playing with your hair, crossing your legs, moistening your lips or bending towards the other person.

3. A strong proximity: one of the main signs of love alchemy

Two people who do everything to spend time together are subjected to this strong alchemy. Each opportunity is conducive to a physical, emotional, complicit rapprochement. In front of others, these physical contacts are usually innocent but they are in fact the signs of a very palpable desire.


4. Alone in the world

It is even possible that in front of the strength of this attraction, the others seem to disappear, no one matters anymore. In fact, the two people create themselves as a bubble in which they are alone in the world. The love alchemy between two people can be so strong that they forget everything as long as they are together: the time, their obligations, the calls and messages, the people around.

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5. Strong physical and emotional attraction

The alchemy between two people is just as physical as it is emotional, because even if the connection is strong, it is not necessarily immediate. We immediately want to know more about the other and spend time with this person but that for this alchemy is total, it takes him a little time. Attraction is therefore only the first step in this love alchemy which is much more than that. For there to be this synchronization, this osmosis, this alchemy, the emotional attraction must be present.

6. Negative emotions?

Love alchemy can lead to feelings such that the relationship turns into a real obsession. Indeed, the alchemy between two people is based on the rules of attraction and obeys no rules or reasons. Thus, this obsession is able to give the impression of being an incomplete person in the absence of the other. It is as if we were no longer able to think as an individual but only as a couple. And, this is what gives rise to a whole range of negative emotions and toxic feelings.

 Insecurity and fear of abandonment as well as sickly jealousy are then invited into the relationship, setting up a negative pattern and a vicious circle of uncontrollable emotions. So many people qualify alchemical relationships as unhealthy, because of this imbroglio of emotions and feelings. Love alchemy is actually a permanent emotional lift.


How to explain love alchemy?

A story of pheromones?

Scientific research has proven that when we are strongly attracted to a person, our body produces pheromones,the hormones that are at the origin of the attraction and existence of desire. This secretion affects our body by emitting an odor and we are attracted by the “fragrance” of the other and then by the rest; creating emotional attraction after physical attraction. This is what defines the notion of alchemy.

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Love alchemy and passionate love

We often confuse the alchemy between two people with the passionate love, since alchemy represents an intense love fusion.

But, these two notions are different,because the alchemy between two people is very rare. Generally speaking, you can meet her once or twice in her life. And it’s a feeling that lasts a long time.

On the other hand, passionate love is more like a love at first sight at the beginning of the story. It is a very strong attraction from the outset, but much shorter and fleeting. Love at first sight does not last, passion fades and grinds with time, it is rather a flash in the pan. And this is something that you can experience several times during your life.


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