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What Do Men Feel After Cheating? The last one makes a woman rub her chest

Some men choose to be loyal, some others choose to double their partners. Infidelity can occur for many reasons, but obviously because there is an opportunity. For example, when you have to go on a business trip together with a partner of the opposite sex, meet your ex at a reunion that continues later, and there are many other opportunities.

The attitudes of the men after having an affair were very diverse. Curious how they feel after betraying their partner? Is it sorry or just ordinary? Check out the confessions of five men as reported by the Fatherly page below.

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1. douth

“ I have no intention of starting an affair or leaving my partner. I hesitated. At first I just felt like I had someone I could talk to, apart from my partner, ”said Sean, who had an affair with his co-worker starting from confiding in work stress. Then, it turned into something deeper, something he didn’t expect.


“ At first, I felt relieved that there was someone I could talk to. But I don’t know how to end it. “

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” I am worried that my partner knows about this affair, on the other hand I am also afraid of having an affair. I know that he is just an affair. If I tell him that I already have a wife. He could just find out my wife and in the end I will be left by both of them. Alone. “- Sean, 36. What Do Men Feel After Cheating?

What Do Men Feel After Cheating?

What Do Men Feel After Cheating?
What Do Men Feel After Cheating?
  1. Disgust What Do

” I always say, ‘This is the last one, this is the last. I’m not going to do it again, ” said Tyler, who cheated on his wife for 20 years. But he kept repeating it, until the last few years he realized he was addicted to sex and ended up undergoing a therapy to cure him.

“Every time after having an affair, I feel dirty. But I keep doing it. I feel guilty, but I can’t stop. ” – Tyler, 41

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  1. Regret

David has never been faithful in a relationship in his entire life. He even cheated on his wife before they got married. When he had an affair he didn’t feel guilty at all. It was only after he was caught for the second time that he began to feel that something was wrong with him and he was very sorry.

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Not only did he feel guilty, he also felt very ashamed of what he did. It’s very different when he still doesn’t get caught cheating.

“Of course the guilt is there. I tried long enough to cover it up and tried not to feel uncomfortable emotions. It wasn’t clear to me at the time, but I was having an affair, because I was actually unhappy and unable to express it.”

“I’m sure I felt guilty. But if you asked me then, I would say I didn’t feel anything. Now, I can feel that guilt and shame.” – David, 39

  1. Confused

“To be honest, I want my marriage to be successful. I love my wife. He’s a good guy. He’s a good match , ” said Jeremy.

“But sex that feels like a once a month chore has become so uncomfortable that it’s hard to do,” she continued.


“I thought, should I consult a doctor. Then when I had an affair, I actually missed life with my wife. Finally my wife and I went to couple therapy. I hope I don’t have to cheat to realize it all.” – Jeremy, 44 What Do Men Feel After Cheating?

  1. No regrets

Jack and his wife cheated on each other during their 13 years of marriage. Even though he regretted their relationship like that. Jack said he was also very angry about the way his wife cheated on him, how long she had been cheating on him and how he covered it up.

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” I regret nothing, including staying in the affair. Because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have a daughter. She is my world. No regrets. It’s just that I hope my journey can be smoother than that. ” – Jack, 48

Hmm … very complicated, yes, five stories of this affair. Hopefully we will never experience it,


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