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how to improve friendship, Do some of these things in your friendship

Good friendship, sometimes it can be a more effective support system for your life than family. Because there are some people who feel more free to open up to friends, than with their own family.

Therefore, the influence of friendship cannot be taken lightly. So that your friendship can be of quality and have a positive impact, here are some tips to improve the quality of your friendship. What are they? Come on, listen!

1. Select circle of friends

The large number of friends, does not guarantee that they can contribute positively to your life. Because from a number of your friends, there must be someone who is only there when you need it, or the type where you are only used as a place to complain, and so on.


In order for you to have a quality circle of friends, you have to filter it out, whichever is a true friend, meaning that there are always times when you are in trouble, and are happy when you are happy, and friends who inspire you so that you can continue to grow.

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If among your circle of friends there are toxic types, always have negative views, often criticize you or make you feel inferior, then it is time for you to stop approaching them. There is no use, it will only make your life bleak.

2. Seek to do reciprocity

how to improve friendship

how to improve friendship

It’s very unfair, if you demand that your friends always pay attention and care, but you are just ignorant. If that happens, you will be the toxic friend. Not them.

In order for your friendship to have quality, then you must try to be a good friend to them. Try to be reciprocal. When they gift you for your birthday, try to do the same.

When they are always by your side when they are difficult, also accompany them when they are facing difficult times. That way, you are considered a quality friend by your friends.


3. Always maintain close communication

how to improve friendship
how to improve friendship

Sometimes that makes friends no longer as close as they used to be, because there is no communication. Each of them is busy with their own activities. This is very unfortunate, especially if your friends are the quality type of friends.

Therefore, always try to maintain communication with them. No need to schedule a meeting every week. In fact, it can be burdensome, because it seems like a force.

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But occasionally just schedule appointments, and make good use of digital communication. Like asking for news, making video connections together, or tagging each other on social media. Even though it seems trivial, it can show that you still remember each other.

4. Be open (how to improve friendship)

Misunderstandings can often tear apart formerly close friendships, and this can result from a lack of openness. Get in the habit of being candid about your feelings.

If there is a friend’s behavior that is objectionable and offensive, reveal it to him. So that your friends can find out, and fix it. You also have to be generous.


When, for example, there is a friend of yours who is not comfortable with your behavior, then you must accept it with a big heart, and make efforts to improve yourself. Friendship like this is what can make you become a person who continues to grow.

5. Take the initiative

n a circle of friends, there is usually one person who is the leader type. Always take the initiative to meet up. Usually, you are a passive party. This attitude is actually not very good, because it can make the friendship look lame.

The enthusiastic one seemed to be only one person. Try to also take the initiative, so that your roles are equal. So that all of them feel important in maintaining your friendship.

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Like in any relationship, friendship also needs efforts to continue to maintain it. So that your friendship will last, and of course quality. That way, the friendship that you live in will have a good impact on your life.




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