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how to make your makeup last longer on oil faces

Having an oily face has its advantages and disadvantages. Plus, those of you who have oily faces will experience slower premature aging than those with dry skin. The minus is that apart from making the face look dull sometimes, oily faces also sometimes make it difficult for makeup to stick. But, there’s no need to worry. Here Afrilatest gives tips and how to make up for oily faces. Let’s read on!

Who would have thought that ice cubes, which are used for drinks, actually have benefits for facial skin? Besides being able to make the face fresher, ice cubes are also useful for shrinking facial pores. In addition, ice cubes will help control oil levels. The method is also easy. After cleaning your face, use ice cubes covered in a towel to compress your face. Do this for five to ten minutes.

Regardless of your facial skin type, one of the keys to making your makeup last longer is clean facial skin and is ‘ready’ to receive cosmetic products to be applied. For those with oily facial skin, the primer will help prepare your facial skin. Apply to the face and focus on the T-zone areas such as forehead, nose and chin.


If you think oily skin doesn’t need moisturizer anymore, then think again . One of the things that can cause oily skin is the condition of the facial skin which is very dry so that the face produces natural oils which eventually make the face oily. That’s why you still need moisturizer. Use a light moisturizer that has an oil-free or water-based label . You can also use aloe vera gel as a facial moisturizer.

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how to make your makeup last longer
how to make your makeup last longer

Tips and how to make up for oily faces, which next is to use cosmetics labeled oil-free. Starting from sunscreen , moisturizer, foundation or bb cream , to powder, make sure you choose a product that has an oil-free and non-comedogenic label . As for eye makeup, choose products with a water-proof label so they don’t fade easily.

Powder also has an important role in regulating oil levels in the face. Choose a loose powder that is suitable for oily facial skin. Don’t forget to always provide  translucent powder or transparent powder for touch ups .

To lock in makeup and make it last longer and won’t fade easily, use a setting spray . This will help your makeup stick more, you know.

Well, this one must be in the bag. When going to touch ups , make sure you use wax paper first to absorb excess oil on your face. 


Let’s try tips and how to make up for oily faces! Guaranteed your makeup will last longer!



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