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boredom is essential for your happiness

Come on, we’re going to be a little bored! It’s super cool you’ll see!

Take the time to get bored

I think that we will all recognize ourselves in this reflection a little philosophical but which has the purpose of really REALLY destabilizing us .

either Let’s start with a little calculation.(Sorry)

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A week has 7 days of 24 hours, for a total of 168 hours. Considering that we sleep between 6 and 8 hours a night (let’s put aside for a brief moment sleepless nights, insomnia as well as fat love mornings), this is roughly 50 hours of sleep per week. Let’s continue a little more to do mathematics, 168 hours from which we remove 50 hours of sleep, brings us to 118 hours of awakening time in a week.

Now consider a person working 35 hours (with the chance of never doing more or less than these 35 hours weekly) per week, with a daily travel time of one hour round trip (again the hazards such as the fact that the metro line 2 derails in Barbers, is not taken into account), this leading him to spend an average of 6 hours per week in transport to get to work ,let’s add these 6 hours to the 35 hours of his contract, this brings us to a slightly optimistic total of 41 hours of time spent at work. Let’s now remove these 41h to the 118h of awakening that contains a week, this leaves us 77h of “free” time. We could leave it at that and jump for joy at all this “free” time and grumble at the rappers.

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But we cannot decently do that. (boredom is essential for your happiness)

Because these 77 hours of supposed free time contain all the meal times, or remove there again between 6 and 8 hours for lunch breaks, we meet at 70h. On these 70 hours there are the mandatory “rest” days, or an optimistic total of 24 hours (12h and 12h, yes, we also sleep the days off), so we have, during our working days, 40h on 5 or 6 days, or on average 7.5 hours of “free” per day. Once again, it seems very easy and complaining might seem illegitimate (especially if we are told once again that children in China work 60 hours a week, please stop making us feel guilty, the issue is not this one). So what does this 7.5 contain? the shopping to do in the evening when everyone has to do them at this time, then the preparation of meals, a shower (fast), a film (where we end up sinking from fatigue), with optimism, if we put all this, it remains little ready, 3 hours of REALLY FREE time a day (and again, I did not even talk about the children!). And these three hours, we often pass them thinking about what to do during the time that is not free.

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Especially since these calculations are outrageously optimistic, because no one does only 35 hours a week with just one hour of daily travel, no one manages to take the time to take the time. But then, how should we do to finally, but really really, find this Free Time that escapes us?


Let yourself this precious free time. Not to read, nor to watch Season Two of Stranger Things, just for the sake of boring you.

And promised that two was possible.

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