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Improve your sex life with sex meditation
Meditation is healthy, but for many people it may be a bit too fuzzy. Improving your sex life – maybe sex meditation is for you.
Sex meditation is fun and relaxing
Meditation is about letting go of everyday life. You want to come to yourself for a while to find peace. By focusing on one thing (a thought or your breath) you can relax.

In sex meditation you focus on, yes, sex. Quite simply, you have sex on your mind. You can imagine that it is a lot more fun than focusing on your breathing, and therefore a lot easier to maintain.

You do it on your own and put your hands above the covers
You are not supposed to play with yourself, although of course you should know that yourself. Sex meditation is very simple and you do it as follows:

sex meditation

sex meditation
sex meditation

Lie down comfortably on a sofa or bed, preferably in a dim or dark room.
Breathe in and out slowly, let the tension slide away.
Now it gets fun: Think of the person you would most like to have sex with. Think of every detail about this person (or persons, whatever you want).
Feel how you have sex the way you would like to have it. Very calm, you have plenty of time, you are in charge of what is happening. Try to play it like a movie in your head, and feel that person touching you. Try to make it as real for yourself as possible in your head. Before you know it, you will start to immerse yourself in your own fantasy.

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It stimulates your sex life and makes it richer
When you meditate in this way regularly you will find that it can enrich your sex life. By putting your sexual fantasy to work, you will find out what you want and what you like to try. Everything is possible in your head, so you can test it once without any problems.


It can also help to arouse lust if you are in a bit of a listless period. As we told you before: Why sex is healthy . And with sex meditation, you have some of the relaxing and pleasurable benefits of sex without having to engage in sex.

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