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Talking about the future in a couple

You have arrived at a time in your life when you want to make plans and talk about the future in your couple. You know what you want, it remains for you to know if the one who shares your life has the same expectations and desires as you. Your projects concern your partner and as such it can change your daily habits to both of you.

Wanting a child, getting married, buying a property but also changing your professional path or going on a trip, so many future projects that are discussed by two. But how do you go about it? Because your partner may have different desires on his side, other projects in mind. The goal is therefore to succeed in reassuring him but also to involve him and convince him about your future plans. Talking about the future in a couple: how to go about it?

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Talking about the future in a couple: how to go about it?

Here are 5 tips to help you address the issue of the future and joint projects with your partner in your couple.

#1 Setting the stage for a couple’s future

Whatever the nature of your project, the first thing to do is to quickly tell your other half about it. The aim is not to make him face up to a fait accompli and to make him feel that he has been forced, on the contrary. You have to prepare the ground slowly but surely so that it adapts to your desire for change and the impact it will have on your daily life.

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Tell them that you are at the reflectionstage, that this is something that you are thinking about more and more often and that you continue to think about it. It is then up to you to explain the details to him as best he can so that he really understands your desire and comes, in the near future, to share it.

#2 Talking about the future in a couple: Going slowly

If you feel that your partner is still undecided about the future and about joint projects, do not panic. Maybe it just takes a little time, a little more than you do. Don’t stop yourself from talking about your desires and your projects but go slowly. Give him some time to assimilate the news. Relax the atmosphere without necessarily putting precise dates to your project so that it does not feel trapped.


In this case, patience is very important even if it is not always easy. The main thing is to feel that your darling is not closed. That he is not against talking about a future with you. Keep talking to him about it from time to time and you will see, time will do its work. Remember that communication in the couple is essential.

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Talking about the future in a couple

#3 Involve your partner in your projects

If it is a common project, baby, wedding or real estate purchase, it is absolutely necessary that you manage to involve your half in your project. Indeed, if it is not a desire that he had until then, it is up to you to show him that you want to invest in your couple. It is a proof of the love you have for him and a guarantee of your commitment to your relationship.

Explain that this desire is closely related to him and this love. That it is with him that you want to make this project for the future a reality. And if your project is more personal, such as a change of professional path, it is also important to involve your partner. Because even if he is not directly targeted by this change of life, it will certainly have a direct impact on your life together.

Talking about the future in a couple: how to go about it?

#4 Listening to talk about the future in a couple

You can’t really know in advance what your partner’s reaction will be. He may be receptive and interested, highly motivated, panicked or may still be completely against your project. So whatever his reaction, be especially attentive to what your project causes him as a reaction or feeling.


It is you who bring this project in your couple so it is up to you to listen to his opinion. You must therefore clearly explain your desire, reassure your spouse and see together what this or these projects will change in your daily life.

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#5 Clearly explain your vision of your common future

If you want your other half to share your project, you have to clearly explain what you want. You can’t tell him that you want such a thing without going into details. Take the time to tell him how this desire came about, why you want to move forward in this way. What motivates you and especially why it is with him that you want to realize this desire.

Talking about the future in a couple

Making and having plans for the future is an important and beautiful proof of love in a couple. So even if this project is not shared immediately or if his desire is not as important as yours, wanting to make future projects with your partner can only be positive for your couple.

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