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Give Your Husband a Leak

Having sex with a partner does not stop until penetration alone. Satisfaction and comfort for each other are also very important. It doesn’t hurt if your partner has a favorite position, but occasionally doing a favorite position that’s comfortable for you is also okay, you know.

If your husband is wondering what position your favorite might be, just give this article. AFRILATEST has a leak about the recommendation of a woman’s favorite position. Check it out here, yes.

1. Spooning

Basically, this position is everyone’s favorite! Yes, spooning is a sex style that mimics the position of a lined spoon where you and your partner can hug each other while making love, even if you don’t face each other. Through this position, ask the husband to stimulate you, such as squeezing the breast or kissing the neck area.


2. Cowgirl (Give Your Husband a Leak)

Making love using cowgirl positions is also pretty much favored by women. Make no mistake, cowgirl positions can create intense intimacy because the male side can easily see the beauty of her partner’s body freely. Your session gets hotter than usual, anyway. But be careful, yes. Having sex with a cowgirl position is prone to make the husband’s penis injured.

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3. Missionaries

Give Your Husband a Leak
Give Your Husband a Leak

Of course, you and your partner have tried missionary style, have you? Basically, missionary positions belong to the most classic sex positions and are easy to do. You and your partner can stare at each other and kiss each other while doing this one position. That way, a deep sense of intimacy will be felt and penetration becomes more perfect. However, if you rely solely on this style, a feeling of saturation can arise and interfere with the quality of your relationship with her. For that, prepare other variations of sex styles as well, yes.

4. Countertop sitting

Not only on the bed, having sex with your beloved wife can also be done in various other house spots, you know. One of them is to use the counterstop sitting position on the sofa or kitchen. All you have to do is place your partner to sit on the kitchen table or the edge of the sofa before penetration takes place. Well, it could be a good and freshalternative, right? Therefore, explore according to the preferences that you and your partner like, yes.

5. Pillow technique

Give Your Husband a Leak
Give Your Husband a Leak

Pillow technique is the style of making love by pressing the pillow to give a lift to the pelvis. In addition to making you not easily tired, this position allows husbands to be able to stimulate the gspot the couple appropriately, you know. So, it’s no surprise that many women agree that pillow technique is very fun. Peak pleasure aka orgasm can be more easily achieved because of it!

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6. Sit face to face (Give Your Husband a Leak)

Give Your Husband a Leak
Give Your Husband a Leak

Penetrating while sitting on a couple’s lap by facing each other is also no less favorite for women, you know! How not? With this position, women are in complete control to achieve orgasm. Your partner can also make it easier to you during penetration. How, interested in trying it tonight?

7. Stand up

This position is very identical to the impression of impulsive and spontaneous. Nevertheless, many women enjoy it, even making the style of sex while standing as one of the most favored, you know. Yes, this position can be done anywhere. However, you need furniture or walls as a buffer to keep your body balanced when making love.

There are some of the women’s favorite fuck positions you can try with your partner tonight. Which one is your favorite?


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