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Benefits of Having Sex in the Morning

For some people getting up early is not an easy activity. It takes a strong spirit and reason to be able to just get out of bed. Whether it’s going to work, sports, or maybe an appointment in the morning. All of that has to be grounded.

Well, there is one reason that seems still quite rare for some people. In fact, this reason can provide many benefits, you know! It was sex in the morning.

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You’ll know that there are many benefits to having sex in the morning. So, check this out!

1. Increase hormones and good feelings

Having sex in the morning can actually increase various hormones, you know. The hormone oxytocin for example, otherwise known as the love hormone or hug hormone.

In addition, there are also testosterone hormones or reproductive hormones. This hormone tends to surge in the morning in both men and women, so it is a good time to have sex.

Then there are also dopamine and endorphin hormones, which are hormones that can trigger positive and happy feelings. Therefore, sex and orgasm performed in the morning can prevent negative energy and pain.


2. Relieve stress (Benefits of Having Sex in the Morning)

Benefits of Having Sex in the Morning
Benefits of Having Sex in the Morning

When waking up in the morning, we are often faced with various thoughts about what to do throughout the day. It is not uncommon for thoughts like this that make us undo the intention to get up and get out of bed.

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Well, one solution that you can choose is to have sex in the morning. Hormones resulting from sex can certainly eliminate various anxieties that make you stressed.

3. Can strengthen your relationship with your partner

It’s been mentioned that the benefits of having sex in the morning are related to happy hormones. This means that morning sex has a good influence on your mood throughout the day.

While in the office, you could suddenly remember what happened this morning and make you feel like you can’t wait to get home. You’re made so impatient as if you have to finish in the second round later.

In addition, the feelings that come from having sex in the morning, can certainly strengthen the intimacy of your feelings and your partner.


4. Can be used as a light exercise option

the benefits of having sex in the morning are the same, you know, with you doing light exercise.

Yup! According to research, having sex can burn five calories per minute. Therefore, if you start to get bored with workout activities in the morning, morning sex can be the choice.

Not only that, both activities can both increase metabolism and reduce a person’s stress levels, you know!

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5. Makes you look younger (Benefits of Having Sex in the Morning)

Benefits of Having Sex in the Morning
Benefits of Having Sex in the Morning

In addition to happiness the benefits of having sex in the morning can also be related to the health of one’s hair and skin, you know! This is because of the fresh light produced by the morning sun.

Both of these can result in an increase and spike to DHEA, an anti-aging hormone.


DHEA also helps build muscles and bones, you know. So, it’s perfect for those of you who want to look much younger!

6. Won’t worry about fatigue

Benefits of Having Sex in the Morning
Benefits of Having Sex in the Morning

Unlike sex at night, morning sex can make you and your partner more excited and avoid fatigue. This is because sex at night is done after tired activities.

In the morning, your body will feel much fresher after a good night’s sleep.

So, the benefit of having sex in the morning that you will get is to avoid the reason of “tiredness” when you want to do it.

7. Solutions to libido differences (Benefits of Having Sex in the Morning)

When you feel that your partner is too agile and you are unable to achieve it, then morning sex in the day can be the solution. why? This is because in the morning you and your partner do not have to put a lot of effort into producing a good mood.


In addition, some research shows that women have stronger orgasms in the morning. Whereas in men, an increase in testosterone in the morning can make erections potentially stronger and longer lasting.

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Both of these things can certainly be a solution to the difference in libido that occurs between you and your partner.

Well, that’s a number of benefits of having sex in the morning. How, interested in trying it?




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