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Facts About ASMR Sex – Hear a gentle whisper from your partner or the sound of water gurgling makes you feel a different sensation? If you’ve ever experienced that and felt the sensation that spreads from the scalp to the rest of the body it’s a sign that you are enjoying the sensory nerve response of ASMR.

Facts About ASMR Sex

ASMR itself stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response,which is a sensation that can be caused by voice and visual input in some people. The response can be a tickling taste or a sense of deliciousness and comfort. ASMR provides a amusing and soothing sensation that can create a comfortable atmosphere when hearing it. It is produced by various stimuli in the body, especially on the scalp and nape or people call this with a “brain orgasm”.

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Each person has a different response to certain sounds produced by ASMR stimuli. Do you know, it turns out that ASMR can create its own sexual sensations, you know.

Listening to these sounds can trigger its own sensations that will increase sexual arousal. Surely this will further stimulate you and your partner to have intercourse through the sensation of ASMR. Here are the facts Afrilatest has summarized about ASMR sex.


ASMR Sex giving Relaxing Sensation When Making Love

1. What is ASMR sex?

Before finding out more about ASMR sex, Afrilatest will explain what ASMR sex is. ASMR sex is a specific visual or auditory trigger that can increase stimuli as well as sexual experiences on the bed. Sexual activity such as gentle whispers to a partner or seductive sounds can create their own stimuli that make sexual desire increase.

Try to find the type of ASMR suitable for your partner and try it out in your sex life with your partner. This will create a more enjoyable and soothing sex experience.

2. ASMR sex process (ASMR Sex giving Relaxing Sensation When Making Love)

ASMR may be a strange thing you just heard, but it turns out that this is an old knowledge that you may not know what the name is. ASMR can appear through the five senses such as physical contact or touch, smell, vision and hearing.

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The response you feel to something you hear or see, that’s where ASMR works. The process of a person experiencing ASMR, which begins from the sense of taste triggered by a thing, then the brain will respond spontaneously and finally feel the sensation of relaxing and favoring certain things. Facts About ASMR Sex


This is one way to make you and your partner relax and be more intimate together. Like listening to the whispering of a partner while closing your eyes you will feel as if your blood flow is flowing faster and goosebumps. Bisikin, who was initially ordinary, can sound so seductive and cultivate sexual stimuli.

Facts About ASMR Sex

Facts About ASMR Sex

3. ASMR sex as emotional healing

ASMR sex also has some benefits, One of them is for emotional healing. Feelings of discomfort and also erratic emotions caused by many things can be felt in everyday life. You can handle that with ASMR sex as one of the cures. Facts About ASMR Sex

ASMR is now often used as a “cure” for those who are experiencing emotional swing,insomnia, restlessness, panic, and other things that have a connection with emotional states and mental states. In addition to being a drug, you can also feel pleasure when having ASMR sex, you know. It’s fun, isn’t it?

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4. ASMR sex keeps away from excessive anxiety

Another benefit of ASMR sex is that it can reduce anxiety and help to relax more. After having sexual intercourse that is boosted by ASMR sensors will provide a calming effect for you and your partner. It can also give you good sensory awareness or simply create a pleasant atmosphere. Even the sound of water can be a soothing ASMR which means you can ask your partner to take a bath with you. It’s going to turn into a pretty intimate time between the two of you. Facts About ASMR Sex


5. ASMR sex that you can apply in bed

Everyone has a different reaction to the sound and visuals produced by ASMR. ASMR sex can be conveyed through soft touch, heavy breathing when whispering to a partner, hand gestures, listening to the sound of open buttons, scratching nails on the skin or clothing of a partner, staring into the eyes, or light touch. These are things you can do while in bed. Make the atmosphere feel more intimate and trigger sexual arousal between you and your partner to make the sex session even hotter.

6. ASMR sex arouses sexual arousal (ASMR Sex giving Relaxing Sensation When Making Love)

ASMR sex does not involve specific positions or new movements. But it’s more about finding triggers that make you and your partner more eager to make love. Start with a gentle whisper or try asking your partner to move his or her fingers to your spine. You can also try watching erotic ASMR videos or podcasts for a more intimate experience with your partner. Facts About ASMR Sex

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Some people even state that this is more potent at creating sexual arousal than watching porn videos. Plus, it can also help you explore your fantasies and desires in a smoother and smoother atmosphere. Whatever the triggers adjust a little and turn it into an impressive sensual experience for you and your partner.

7. ASMR sex is different for everyone

ASMR brings a different effect on each person. The sensation of ASMR in one person may have an unequal effect on another. Try to find and try which stimulation is the most suitable to do during ASMR sex which can certainly make you and your partner comfortable. Some people don’t have ASMR triggers at all. However, others claim they find sex to be more enjoyable, tickling and soothing. Some of the ASMR sex stimuli that can be performed are through whispering, exhalation, and touch. Facts About ASMR Sex


Well, that’s five information about ASMR sex. It doesn’t hurt to apply ASMR sex into your sex life and partner. But for those of you who are first time and want to try this sex ASMR it is advisable to talk about it first with a partner related to what suits you both, yes.

Stay open-minded and focus on the experiment until you find a technique that works for you. Good luck!





Facts About ASMR Sex

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