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sex while you are pregnant

If you are pregnant you can just have sex, in principle there is nothing dangerous about it for you or the baby. However, there are a few situations in which you should still be careful about having sex while pregnant. We will tell you when it is advisable to be alert.

During your pregnancy, it is fine to just keep enjoying between the sheets. The baby does not feel it, because it is well protected in the uterus and amniotic fluid. So if you have the need yourself, that is completely fine. But in these specific situations you have to pay attention and be alert.

When it is better not to have sex while pregnant

It is rare, but in the following situations it is wise to have less or no sex. Do you recognize these situations? Always consult your midwife or doctor.


If you are bleeding from sex 

This may be because the capillaries in the cervix are growing and can burst if they become irritated during your  love making . Is fairly normal, no reason to panic, but please mention it to your doctor or midwife.

If you engage in oral sex 

Make sure your partner does not accidentally blow air into your vagina. During pregnancy this can cause an air bubble, which could clog a blood vessel.

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Your waters are broken

The separation between your baby and the outside world is gone. This means there is a risk of infection during intercourse if the membranes have ruptured.

sex while you are pregnant

sex while you are pregnant

Your partner has an STI

A sexually transmitted disease is not only harmful to you, but can also be dangerous for your baby.

You have contractions before week 37

Making love can speed labor if it is about to begin. Before 37 weeks your baby is not yet full term, so it is better not to take any risks.


If you have previously had a miscarriage or premature birth  

Just to be sure , and always ask your doctor or midwife for advice about this.

If you are heavily pregnant 

Your waters could break at any moment. In addition, the chance of an infection by semen is higher in the last weeks of pregnancy. So rather use a condom and be extra vigilant for bleeding.



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