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finest sex toys

Gift stress for yourself? Really not necessary! We help you on your way with the finest sex toys.

When it comes to others, you always know how to come up with a good gift. But are you thinking about yourself enough? And then when you give yourself a present, what oh what do you need?

Give yourself a sex toy

Ladies, it is high time to take good care of yourself. And now you can of course give yourself a nice massage or new clothing collection, but you can also give yourself pure pleasure in the form of a wonderful orgasm! Or ten. Or a hundred. Or, well, as much as you want. Because you never want to stop with these sex toys.


Treat yourself with one of these sex toys: finest sex toys

1. The Violet Rabbit Vibrator


With a rabbit vibrator you stimulate your clitoris and G-spot at the same time. This luxury toy feels silky soft and comes beautifully packaged in a luxury storage box. Nice feature is that you can operate this sex toy by swiping over the handle. So no hassle with pressing buttons hard when you want to change the vibration mode.

2. Small butt plug with heart – Gold / Pink


No experience with butt plugs yet, but curious? Then this little ‘entry-level model’ is perfect for you. The toy is made of smooth metal and has a cute heart-shaped bottom. This ensures that, in addition to extra sensation, you also go for a special look (which is also nice for your partner 😉).

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3. Oron Clitoris Stimulator


The Oron is a nice first vibrator. The toy is multifunctional and can also be used by couples for clitoral stimulation during sex, for example. Oron is small, easy to operate and has a quiet motor.

4. Vice – Double Vibrator


This smashing sex toy gives you triple pleasure in one. The vibrator rotates to massage the G-spot extensively, has a vibrating rabbit for clitoral stimulation and an extra soft, small anal chain. If that doesn’t guarantee success?

5. LoveBoxxx – Solo Box Women


If you can’t choose, or just don’t have anything at home yet and actually want to try everything, you can also choose a Loveboxxx that contains all kinds of different sex toys. Perfect for beginners.

All toys are equipped with a powerful motor, easy to operate and also fun for couples. More information about the toys and how to use them can be found in this video 



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