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7 advantages of motorcycle insurance that you should know
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Although there is frequent mention of auto protection, there are important advantages of motorcycle insurance that validate the purchase of the product.

There is a lot of talk about taking out car insurance, given the increasing occurrences of theft and robberies in big cities. But, did you know that there are considerable advantages to motorcycle insurance? By the way, these are more than convincing reasons to hire the service and protect your two-wheeled asset.


Motorcycles are increasingly used vehicles, both for their practicality and economy. At the same time, they are also among the vehicles most involved in traffic incidents. One more reason to take out insurance, as the product extends its protection to the driver.

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Below, we present some of the main advantages of taking out motorcycle insurance.

7 advantages of motorcycle insurance that you should know
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7 advantages of motorcycle insurance for you to know

First of all, it's worth remembering that motorcycle insurance works in the same way as car service. As for the benefits, it is worth separating those that we list below.

1 – 24-hour assistance

Unforeseen events do not choose time or place, which is why one of the advantages of taking out motorcycle insurance is 24-hour assistance. Whether for an accident, or to change a tire or part, simply contact the insurance company to receive the necessary help.

2 – Protection against third parties and personal risks

The driver, as already mentioned, is protected by motorcycle insurance, as well as third parties involved in accidents. This applies to drivers, pedestrians and other motorcyclists. Extra protection, especially for those who use the motorcycle at work.


3 – Discounts on services

It's always good to save a little on parking and tolls, right? According to the contract established with the insurance company, you have access to discounts on these services, as well as repairs including on your motorcycle.

4 – Comprehensive coverage

Another advantage of motorcycle insurance is having comprehensive coverage that is often extended to the entire national territory. Here, we even open a parenthesis regarding the types of coverage. Look:

  • comprehensive coverage: complete, protects the insured person against theft, collision, theft, fire, damage to third parties, towing and 24-hour assistance;
  • non-comprehensive coverage: slightly more restricted, it protects in more common cases, which is valid for those who need more specific assistance.

5 – Less bureaucracy in the contract

When we talk about motorcycle insurance, we are talking about a product whose contracting is less bureaucratic. This is a result of the vehicle's lower value compared to a car (with, of course, some exceptions, such as high-cost motorcycles).

Furthermore, the motorcycle is a more flexible asset, favoring the malleability of contracts. This does not, of course, dispense with attention when signing, paying attention to all the clauses.

6 – Discount on domestic services

Above, we mentioned that some contracts benefit the insured person with discounts on services. Initially, this includes workshop repairs, for example, oil and pad changes, as well as exhaust replacement, for example.


However, according to the contract, there is also the possibility of extending these price reductions to services carried out at home. Just to illustrate, you can save when requesting plumbing and electrical repairs, tile replacement, locksmithing and unclogging.

7 – Extended protection

If you opt for more complete insurance, the insured person is entitled to personalized coverage. There are companies that offer discounts on franchises, hospital transfers for the driver, family transport and even accommodation.

Who should take out motorcycle insurance?

In principle, the insurance is suitable for any motorcyclist. However, it is interesting to consider hiring the service if your vehicle is one of the most targeted in cases of theft and theft. Typically, this involves motorcycles over 250 engine capacity.

It is also extremely important to be insured if you are a driver in larger cities, with heavy traffic flow and a higher probability of accidents.


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How does motorcycle insurance work?

It is worth emphasizing that the evaluation and contracting of motorcycle insurance is similar to that of car insurance. Initially, the value varies depending on the year, model, power and use of the vehicle. The coverage is basically the same as that available for cars, namely:

  • damage to third parties;
  • theft;
  • theft;
  • collision;
  • fire;
  • technical assistance;
  • emergency services.

There is also the possibility of additional services, which varies depending on the contract signed with the insurance company. Therefore, it is important to read all the clauses and ask any questions you may have when hiring.

What to evaluate when taking out insurance?

The importance of taking out insurance, whether motorcycle or car, we have already emphasized incisively. However, it is always interesting to remind the interested person of some points to be observed when hiring.


One of them is the suitability of the company, as well as all the details pertinent to the contract. This includes coverage, policies, deductibles and scope of assistance. Next, what is considered a risk excluded from your contract.

In many cases, the insurer does not protect, for example, compensation for aesthetic damage, damage due to negligence and theft or theft of accessories. In other words, the advantages of motorcycle insurance are evident. All that is needed is for the contracting person to pay attention to the service they are subscribing to.

7 advantages of motorcycle insurance that you should know

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7 advantages of motorcycle insurance that you should know



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7 advantages of motorcycle insurance that you should know

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