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What do you need to take out car insurance in Brazil
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Anyone who buys a car immediately thinks about the insurance they should take out. Given the reality we live in, unfortunately more and more people need to take out complete and reliable car insurance.

But many don't know what needs to be taken into account before purchasing one. There are some basic points that must be considered and others that are more specific, depending on the needs of each client. And it is up to the insurance company to help and explain all these items well.


Our intention here in this article is to bring you some important tips, and many of them may already be known to you. However, we seek to reinforce these concepts that can be very useful when deciding the type of insurance and the insurer to choose.

When does it pay to take out additional car insurance coverage?
What do you need to take out car insurance in Brazil
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Clearly Know Your Needs

It is essential, before taking out insurance, to clearly analyze your protection needs. For example, if you use your car every day and need to pass through risky regions, or live in a risky place, you need greater protection.

Now, if you live in a sparsely populated region, or rarely use your car, then the type of protection will certainly be different and less rigorous. In these cases, coverage against theft or theft would be sufficient. Acquiring the coverage that is most advantageous for you is essential, as costs will be lower and you will not need to pay as much for something that is not used.

Find out about existing insurance options

Basically, car insurance can be divided into 4 types, namely:

  1. Theft and theft insurance – this protects the vehicle in the event of robbery and theft, that is, if someone takes your car or steals it somewhere (whether at home or on the street, for example).
  2. Comprehensive insurance – this coverage tends to be much more expensive, but it is also the most complete of them. Especially recommended for cars used every day in risky places, where the driver needs to be more attentive to the places they go.
  3. Passenger insurance – this insurance covers physical and moral damages suffered due to possible accidents caused by collisions, for example.
  4. Insurance for third parties – this insurance covers damages caused to people who are involved in the contract with the insured. It's like extensive insurance for family members and people who always use the vehicle.
Young car insurance |

Always talk to the company and if you have questions, ask them to explain every detail.

It is worth remembering that a car is not an investment and it is very important to plan for the purchase of your vehicle. If your objective is to acquire an investment option, it is important to research several options.


Find out here about another interesting subject when it comes to investing, binary options.

Take out insurance with 24-hour assistance

24-hour assistance covers the car throughout the day. Who has never experienced or heard of someone who has experienced difficulties at night, in a deserted and dangerous place? It immediately comes to mind to call insurance for help.

In other words, emergency situations happen all the time, and having insurance where assistance is guaranteed 24 hours a day is a great investment. And generally, these insurance policies offer services such as a friendly driver, a spare car, home repairs, coverage for dry breakdowns or electrical and mechanical problems, in addition to towing.

To activate the insurance, companies provide a number or WhatsApp to be contacted.


See if the Compensation is Full

Another point to consider if you need compensation is whether your insurance covers full compensation. This can be paid in two situations, namely:

  1. When the vehicle suffers total loss in an accident, for example. In this case, the insured receives the value of the vehicle.
  2. When a robbery or robbery occurs and the car cannot be found. In this case, the insured also receives the value of the car.
Citroen Jumper car insurance price list

These are the main terms that allow the car owner to receive compensation for the purchase of a new car.

Research whether or not the Company is Trustworthy

This is the most important tip of all and is sometimes overlooked by clients. Researching before purchasing insurance is essential to protect your money from possible disappointments.

A safe website to research companies is the Susep website (Private Insurance Superintendency). There you will find a complete list of companies, insurance brokers and all information about them.


Simulate the price of your car insurance on our form.

Remember that only registered companies are able to offer services in Brazilian territory. Also look at the company's history and whether there are any complaints about them. Also look at customer reviews, especially with regard to online services (a large number of customers complain about this point).

An insurance company considered good in its services offered must provide practical and cheap services, without the need to make the customer's life difficult, especially with regard to compensation payments to which customers are entitled.

And, first of all, ask for recommendations from people who have already purchased the services offered by each company. This is certainly the best way to evaluate a company and its reputation with customers. No source ends up being more reliable than the opinion of family and friends who have already needed the service.


Thus, it is possible to create a parameter and see what the company offers and how it will behave in the event of an accident or necessary assistance. And also on the part of the insured, always try to be as honest as possible when creating your data for the policy. Omitting or lying about personal data can cause you to lose everything you have put into the insurance.

American Life – Motorcycle taxi and RCO insurance

This can be considered fraud and the company has every right not to pay what it owes. For example, many lie about their age, or who will be included in the insurance or the main driver of the vehicle. Such details may seem trivial, but for a serious and trustworthy company, this will be considered fraud. Therefore, you are the one who loses everything and has no rights.

What do you need to take out car insurance in Brazil

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What do you need to take out car insurance in Brazil



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What do you need to take out car insurance in Brazil

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