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Auto insurance for luxury cars
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Do you want to protect your valuable asset? So find out how auto insurance for luxury cars works and hire an insurance company now to guarantee this protection!

There are vehicle models that are exclusive and which few people have access to because their cost is quite high and this includes them in the luxury vehicle category. These adult toys can be worth millions, but to fit into this category they must cost over R$120,000.


These cars, despite being quite different, are still subject to theft and traffic accidents and need to have auto insurance for luxury cars if the owner wants to avoid an even greater loss. However, you need to prepare your pocket, as they can have a very high price, which does not seem to be a problem for anyone who has a car like this.

Auto insurance for luxury cars

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The price of luxury car insurance

Have you ever imagined having a luxurious car and not spending money to maintain it? That would be everyone's dream, but that's not what happens. The maintenance cost is usually quite high due to the scarcity of parts and the price of car insurance for luxury cars can be quite surprising.

A Ferrari 612 Scaglietti in Brazil costs more than R$1.9 million, a high price, but considering the exclusivity of the vehicle, it's not that much. Now imagine the value of the insurance… Whoever guessed R$10,000 was wrong, big time. Insurance for this model costs R$70,000 and the deductible costs R$114,000. This is because any damage to the vehicle will have a very high repair cost, with the rear view mirror alone costing R$25,000.


Find out how car insurance works with used parts and why it's cheaper 🙂

Those who want to save a little more can opt for the Maserati Quattroporte, which has insurance that costs just R$25,000, but which still falls into the luxury car category.

To determine the value of the insurance, insurers, in addition to considering the value of the vehicle, also take into account the location of the customer's residence, the frequency of thefts of that model, the value of spare parts and others. Sports vehicles also tend to cost more because they can run faster and their owners like to speed up, increasing the likelihood of an accident.

Cars that are armored can also have their cost increased by up to 35% with auto insurance for armored cars because the labor for repairs in this case is very specialized.


Despite these high values, this market has been growing more and more due to the ease of purchasing these vehicles and because the financial risk of being left without insurance is very high.

To save money, the tip is to research well. Get a quote at and make your auto insurance for luxury cars much cheaper. This is an insurance that is still in the growth phase and restricted to small groups.

How luxury car insurance works

Luxury cars have always been successful and have gradually become more accessible due to the payment facilities that automakers offer. Due to their high value, it is necessary to have insurance to guarantee their protection.

These insurance policies are usually quite comprehensive and cover a range of situations, not just theft, fruit and collisions. It is normal for them to have window coverage, have a spare car and many other benefits to cater to the most demanding public.


Who is luxury car insurance for?

This insurance is still for a select public as luxury cars are still for few people. However, it is known that it is for demanding drivers who want the best.

How about protecting your car with auto insurance and a tracker?

Advantages of luxury car insurance

It has many benefits such as:

  • Complete coverage that covers the most diverse situations;
  • Additional services included such as towing, electrical and mechanical assistance, dry breakdown assistance and many others.
  • It is possible to protect certain parts of the car as a flashlight by hiring additional services.

Companies that have insurance for luxury cars

This service is normally found in large insurance companies.

Insurance value for luxury cars

The value will vary greatly depending on the car model, but they are usually quite high due to the value of the asset. But to find out how much it costs, just get a quote.


How to make luxury car insurance cheaper

To get a lower price you need to count on the help of a broker who will give you some tips and also do a lot of research to find the best offer.

How to take out luxury car insurance

See a list of 6 cheaper car insurance options and ensure your assets are protected 😉

To take out luxury car insurance, you need to start by getting a quote, which can even be done online by simply filling in some details. After receiving all the proposals, you must choose the one that best meets your hiring needs. Just don't forget to check if the insurance company is registered on the Susep website.


Auto insurance for luxury cars

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Auto insurance for luxury cars


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Auto insurance for luxury cars


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