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Summary of the chapters of The Childhood of Romeo and Juliet

Friday – March 29 – The childhood of Romeo and Juliet

Romeo recovers and continues running with Juliet. The young people from Lado Vila and Lado Torre get information from the express conductor and discover that Romeo and Julieta went to the bus station; they notify the parents of the missing. Without money and without a destination, Romeo and Juliet walk down the street when a storm starts. Worried about Romeo, Leandro has a heart attack and Bernardo helps his father. A police officer approaches Romeo and Juliet and they ask for help. The policeman takes Juliet and Romeo home. With the storm, Pedalzera's hiding place is flooded. Laura loses her memory and runs away through the condominium looking for Mauro; Telma helps her, but Laura doesn't remember Telma. Mauro explains to Telma that Laura was confused after she was robbed. Romeu notices Leandro being helped by the ambulance. Faust feels guilty about Leandro, Romeo and Juliet, believing that the books in his universe interfered in the accident.

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Monday – April 1st – The childhood of Romeo and Juliet

Leandro will need to undergo surgery; Romeo feels guilty. Mauro shows Laura old photos to help her recover her memory. Laura tries to kiss him, but Mauro avoids it. Laura mixes up her children's names. With the hiding place flooded, Chilique and Fê Dengosa spend the night in Clara's greenhouse without her knowing. Nando and Dimitri talk about Romeo's escape; Dimitri realizes that the books are affecting reality. Vera and Bernardo catch Romeo's attention at home; Romeo takes the blame away from Juliet and says it was his idea to escape. Hélio and Clara visit Leandro in the hospital; Glaucia says they are not welcome. Bernardo tells Vera to forgive the Campos, because if she wants to live a life of hurt, let her live alone.


Tuesday – April 2 – The childhood of Romeo and Juliet

Vera asks if Glaucia encouraged Romeo to run away with Juliet; Glaucia claims that she had a conversation with him, but that Romeo must have misunderstood. By phone, Clara invites her cousin, Dona Branca (Lilian Blanc – character in Poliana Moça), to spend time at her house and discovers that her husband Antônio (Jitman Vibranovski – character in Poliana Moça) has died. Romeo, Dimitri, Ellen, Ian and Nath recover Faust's books and each keeps one. Daniel tells Julieta that he can't bear to see her suffer and that he will talk to the Campos about forgiving the Monteiros. Bernardo takes Téo to see Leandro and Glaucia confronts the two.

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Wednesday – April 3 – The childhood of Romeo and Juliet

Bernardo tells Glaucia that Téo is Leandro's grandson and that the boy has the right to see his grandfather. Glaucia tells Téo that he is very smart for wanting to join the family and claims to Bernardo that Téo is a bastard son; Bernardo claims that if she repeats this again, she might forget the relationship with him. Fausto is desperate about the disappearance of the books and confronts Dimitri, Ellen, Ian and Nath. At the gym, Mauro trains with Mariana, Laura arrives and gives Mauro a kiss; Mauro reinforces that they are no longer married. Mariana thinks that Laura uses the excuse of a lack of memory to hinder her relationship with Mauro. Téo arrives home and cries on his mother's lap due to Glaucia's neglect. In the hospital, still weak, Glaucia tells Bernardo that she will take care of everything at Monter Holding, but Leandro wants Bernardo in charge of the business.

Thursday – April 4th – The childhood of Romeo and Juliet

Branca arrives at Clara’s house. Romeo and Bernardo visit Leandro; Romeo apologizes to his grandfather for the stress he put him through. Daniel tells Mariana to allow Juliet's friendship with Romeo, before something more serious happens. Amanda approaches Glaucia and tells her to have more respect for her son, that Téo is not self-serving. Glaucia and Fred go to the hospital; he watches the entrance and she goes to the room. At dawn, Chilique and Fê Dengosa go to Clara's kitchen and get the key to the Warehouse; Branca appears and they are caught in the house. Laura tells Mauro that she loves him and misses him. After being medicated, Leandro wakes up drowsy and confused. Glaucia comments to Leandro that she needs funds for the CEC and makes Leandro sign some documents, but the document mentions that he authorizes transferring the powers of the Monter Holding company to her.

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Friday – April 5th – Romeo and Juliet’s childhood

In the hospital room, Bernardo comes across Glaucia. Romeu apologizes for everything Téo is going through and says that Téo is a Monteiro. Mauro comments to Alex that he suspects that Laura is exaggerating her memory loss so he can break up with Mariana; Alex disagrees. Glaucia and Fred celebrate being able to transfer Monter Holding to Glaucia's name. Romeu tells Vera that Téo is his brother and Vera says that she will not accept Bernardo's boy with another woman; Romeo counters by stating that Bernardo didn't betray her and that he won't let go of her. Chilique and Fê Dengosa invade the Warehouse. Mauro finds a private detective card on his couch.


The summary of the soap opera A Infância de Romeu e Julieta is sent by SBT. Changes may occur depending on the edition of the soap opera.

Summary of the chapters of The Childhood of Romeo and Juliet

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