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How to get rid of your ex

15 steps to take to get rid of a bulky ex(e)

In a couple relationship, it happens that a man and a woman are no longer on the same wavelength. In this case, breaking can be an alternative solution. However, after the separation, it happens that one of the spouses has difficulty digesting the brutal removal. In such circumstances, he changes his behavior.

Thus, he tends to harass and destabilize the other. To achieve his ends, he can sometimes use violence. However, when it comes to solving a difference with the person with whom we have shared many beautiful things in life, it is not always easy. However, there are a few steps to take in order to get rid of an overly bulky ex. Here are some of them.

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1- The breakdown of a relationship may be the subject of a mora l prejudice, likely to lead to unforeseeable behavior. That’s why before you even break up, it’s imperative to talk to someone you trust like a member of your family. You can also inform your two respective families of your wish to be left alone and alone. The advantage of this is that it allows you to anticipate possible sudden reactions from your ex(e).

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2- Often, after a breakup, the mind is hurt. It also has a negative impact on the body. The best way to remedy this is to practice a sports activity. The advantage of such an activity is to help you overcome the ordeal.

3- You must keep all the communications (SMS, e-mail …) that you have or have had with your ex (e). All these documents may be important later. You could record his voicemails, letters, emails, keep a call log.( How to get rid of your ex )

4- Self-control. It may be that your ex(e) can provoke you or do things that may upset you. In this case, you must control yourself to avoid gestures that you may regret later. It must therefore be ignored altogether!


5- If your ex is obsessive, do not think that you could change his attitude and behavior. You may coax her, but he (she) will not change. If you are convinced that your break-up is irreversible, there is no point in continuing to use diplomatic formulas. You have to be direct and tell her that the relationship is over and that there is no point in insisting. You have to explain to him that the relationship is well and truly over and that you have no intention of going back. Undoubtedly, he (she) will suffer, but, as the days go by, he (she) will eventually come to his or her reason and realize that it is really over. The important thing here is to be very clear and determined. It is also important to let your friends know that the decision you have made is irrevocable.

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6- Always be respectful. In your approach, simply explain why you think the relationship is irreversible. You can take the opportunity to invite him to look for a partner who will meet his needs, better than you used to do. But, one must avoid hurting one’s self-esteem. Be firm. Despite your approach, he may continue to harass you. Above all, avoid giving him the illusion of thinking that there will be a second chance. Tell him your position.

7- Your ex (e) may offer you to give him a second chance. If your decision to break seems irreversible, look it right in the eye and tell them that the decision is made and that the break is non-negotiable. Also make him understand that you need peace and quiet. ( How to get rid of your ex )

8- Do not give him false hopes. Physical encounters or kisses can make him think that a return is possible. Take a remarkable distance, because being close to him will only reinforce his feeling of thinking that he will be able to win you back one day.


9- Cut off all contact. By seeing you and talking together often, whether on the phone or live, he or she may believe that a second chance is possible. Thus, he (she) will do everything possible to get your attention.

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10- It is also important that your ex(e) can understand that the page is already turned. To signify this, you can use your mutual friends by communicating to them your decision to separate with your ex once and for all. Some of them may tell him that there is no point in insisting since you already have someone else in your life for example.

11- Also cut contact with your former mutual friends. If you have friends in common (virtual or not), he (she) can take advantage of it to annoy and annoy you. It is enough that he (she) has access to your social networks to then insist his /her privacy. In this sense, it is better to cut contact with your old friends, in order to ensure maximum privacy. ( How to get rid of your ex )

12- If you have found another person in your life, do not tell him. Otherwise, he or she risks harassing her or sowing chaos. To start a new relationship on a good basis, it is important that you can make a clean sweep of your past.


13- Despite these measures, he (she) can continue his harassment tactics. At this point, you can already start not answering their phone calls, text messages, or even replying to their emails.

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14- Move. If despite all these measures, he/she continues to lead a hard life for you, you could move. Threaten him with a complaint. You could also carry out your threats by informing the competent authorities, in particular the police or the judiciary.

15- Kill him.” This is a rotten joke. so Please don’t don’t don’t

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