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Ways to Make Women Climax Faster

Feeling the sensation of climax becomes something that everyone really wants when performing the ritual of making love, no exception for women. But you know, there are still many women who claim to be difficult to reach orgasm. Well here are some tips and how to make women climax faster. Let’s check it out!

Foreplay or heating is one way to make women climax easier and faster, you know Bela. A sexual psychotherapist reveals that perfect warming or foreplay is essential to delivering women in the orgasm phase to climax.

One way to make women achieve orgasm easier and faster is to provide stimulation in the form of touch in the clitoris area of the woman. Blood flowing into the clitoris can help women more easily reach orgasm.


The position of making love is also one of the important points of how to make women climax. Try different positions, at different times and places. Woman on top, penetration from behind, and sitting position are positions that can make women reach orgasm more easily.

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That’s how to make women climax faster. So in addition to doing the above, you also need to implement a healthy lifestyle in order to achieve easily and faster orgasm.

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