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proofs of love for a couple : We all love that the chosen one of our hearts tells us “I love you”. These are the three words that everyone expects from their loved one. Is that enough? The pretty words and the beautiful speeches are obviously pleasant to hear, yet they are not always enough because in the end it is quite easy to say “I love you”. 

Indeed, it is sometimes more important to prove it than to say it. The daily behavior, the attentions and the marks of tenderness testify much more to the love that the other carries us rather than these few words. These acts do a crazy good to the couple, they allow to strengthen the bond of love. Here are 7 proofs of love for a couple.

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7 proofs of love for a couple

1. Presentation to loved ones

This is one of the first proofs of love that your darling can give you at the beginning of your story. Introducing you to his family and friends clearly shows that he cares about you, that he completely assumes your story. He is not afraid of the eyes of others or their opinions. He proudly holds your hand, presents you as his darling, makes you share his life, his past, makes you enter his family and social circle. It may seem banal but this behavior is a beautiful proof of love.


2. Important dates

Birthdays, dating and wedding anniversaries, Valentine’s Day etc… are important moments in a couple. Thinking about these dates is therefore a beautiful proof of love in a couple because it shows that he thinks of you and your story, that these moments mattered to him. Then you can embellish these dates with a nice well-prepared attention such as a romantic evening thinking about the smallest details or an outing, a gift. But proofs of love don’t always have a financial cost. Indeed, they can simply come from the heart, like writing a poem or a letter.

3. Compliments (proofs of love for a couple)

Small proofs of love are sometimes the best. Indeed, complimenting each other regularly is a nice proof of love. Compliments are also part of the 5 love languages. This can be a compliment in connection with an outfit, a behavior, a change of haircut or a new perfume. Being caring for each other and looking at each other with love in your eyes says a lot about your love. Sometimes even your respective flaws make you smile. In short, you know how to compliment yourself without expecting anything in return, just because you love yourself. After all, proofs of love can be simple but sincere things.

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4. Surprises as proof of love for a couple

Small regular love surprises or big unforgettable surprises. These unexpected or prepared pleasures are as many proofs of love. These surprises can be very varied, such as an invitation to the restaurant or a candlelit meal at home to relax after a long day’s work. Or a romantic weekend, a bouquet of flowers, a small gift according to your tastes. In short, surprises can be more or less important, and even when they are derisory, they do a crazy good because they prove the love and attention you pay to yourself.

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5. Support (proofs of love for a couple)

Feeling supported in a couple is one of the most important things and above all one of the most beautiful proofs of love. Not everything is always rosy in life, you can experience difficult times whether in your professional or personal life. You need at that time to feel supported and advised. When your partner is present and available to listen to you and console you it is a beautiful proof of love that expects nothing in return.


6. The sharing of passions

In a couple we do not necessarily have the same passions, everyone even takes the opportunity to have his secret garden. So if your half offers to make you discover his passion it is a beautiful proof of love. Indeed he fully integrates you into his personal passion and therefore makes you share a very important part of him. You will be able, thanks to this, to discover it in another light and in another environment which will only strengthen your couple.

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7. Projects: One of the most beautiful proofs of love for a couple

Making projects in a couple shows that you imagine yourself together in the future, that you want to build something with your partner. What better proof of love than this one? Hearing your darling talk about the future, about projects like marriage or having a child with you, shows you how much he loves you. After that, it is not only the engaging projects such as those just mentioned that count. Making projects together does not necessarily mean the ring on the finger and the baby. This may also be travel plans, going to discover new horizons in love will consolidate your couple.

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