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2023 Carnival – The dispute was fierce and the result was only defined in the last item, Fantasy; verification took place on the afternoon of this Tuesday (21)

2023 Carnival

Mocidade Alegre is the champion of the 2023 Carnival in São Paulo. The school won for the 11th time and broke a nine-year fast without lifting the trophy — the last title was in 2014. The dispute was fierce and the result was only defined after the note of the last judge of the last item, Fantasia.

In total, Mocidade scored 270 points. Mancha Verde, Império de Casa Verde and Acadêmicos do Tatuapé, second, third and fourth placed, respectively, had 269.9 points. Dragões da Real, which was in fifth place, added up to 269.8 points.

The verification of the parades of the samba schools of the Special Group of the Carnival 2023 of São Paulo took place at the Anhembi Sambadrome, on the afternoon of this Tuesday (21). Presidents and directors of the 14 associations were present.


remember the parade

Fifth to parade down the catwalk, Mocidade Alegre took to the sambodrome the trajectory of the Mozambican Yasuke, the first black samurai in the history of Japan. The name of the warrior was presented to the public at the beginning of the show. Each letter was written on taikos, oriental drums, which were rotated 180° which, after the movement, revealed the word “dwelling”, the school’s nickname.

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The representations of Japanese geisha and samurai indicated Mocidade’s whim and care for fantasy. In the floats, a warrior being bathed by a waterfall and the dragon hugging a sword spinning on the allegory also impressed the public.

2023 Carnival

2023 Carnival

The last float, with a black boy holding an origami and a book, brought the message that all children, like Yasuke, can be whoever they want to be. And it was this feeling that struck Tiago Modesto, 13, whose face was engraved on one of the costumes worn by Mocidade in the parade.

Alongside his mother, Andrea Modesto, coordinator of the group’s children’s ward, he told the report that it is rewarding – and also “cool” – to have your face in a costume. “Especially when talking about the story of a samurai”, says the boy, who has been parading in Mocidade since he was 6 years old. “This year’s (parade) was one of the most special.”

2023 Carnival

Tiago’s father and other brothers have also been parading for the association for years, which “embraced the family”, says Andrea. She says it was exciting when she found out that her son’s face was chosen to stamp the costume. “Thiago is a determined boy, a child from Heliópolis who represents the message passed on by the school: that black people can be whoever they want.”

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Access Group

The Unidos de Vila Maria and Estrela do 3º Milênio schools were in penultimate and last place, respectively, were relegated and will compete in the Access Group at Carnival 2024.


Vai-Vai was the great champion of the Access and returns to the elite of São Paulo revelry next year. Runner-up Camisa Verde e Branco also moves up to the Special.

parade of champions

On Saturday (25), the five best placed schools return to Anhembi to parade again. In addition to the champion Mocidade, Mancha Verde, Império de Casa Verde, Acadêmicos do Tatuapé and Dragões da Real will also be on the catwalk.

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2023 Carnival
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