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Finding love

“Currently doing the Florence Method, I am making progress but I still have one problem: I rediscover myself a little more every day and feel more confident to seduce. I get to know myself better and gradually, I put together the pieces of a personality that had exploded. Reconnecting with myself, I dare to meet people who would allow me to find love. But now, having confidence in myself at last, I don’t hesitate to really reveal myself to others. In return, I am sorry to find that men do not indulge and they disappoint me and I wonder about the type of man I need. Does it exist? How do I find love knowing that I trust a lot more but can’t find the right one right now? Enriched by the changes that the Method operates on me,


Dear Laurence,

Thank you for sharing your questions with us. While reading this, we are pleased to discover that the Method has real positive effects on you. We understand that choosing a guideline in your dating criteria is still complex but rest assured, it is quite normal. Your personality is changing, it is evolving, and when it is stabilized, it will not necessarily be frozen. Like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, you moult and dare to exist fully.


You seem frustrated at the idea of ​​showing yourself off more than men, but don’t be too harsh with men. Invested in the Method and in full work on yourself, you are out of step with others who, for the most part, do not take this process of change and reconstruction. Try to be tolerant of the men you hang out with, and invite them to express themselves gently.

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Finding love

Moreover, we imagine that this kind of rebirth upsets your image of the ideal spouse and love. Rediscovering yourself creates new expectations for men. It’s great to feel excited about starting new encounters. However, keep in mind that your personality, even if you learn to discover it better and it is still in the midst of a metamorphosis, can resonate with a lot of men. Do not be afraid to have a hand extended to the other so that he also confides, and discovers himself, just like you, through the romantic relationship. It is characteristic of the state of love: we discover ourselves!

A word of advice: don’t try to establish a profile of a particular man, but rather seek to establish a connection. To ensure that the other reveals the best of himself to you, as you dare to do today. Only then can you establish a bridge where emotions can flow.

Slowly but surely, discover with each of them the horizons that it is possible for you to explore and, then, finally, you will see that one of them will prove to be quite up to the task!


Aware of the psychic energy that self-questioning requires, we would like to congratulate you for the work accomplished so far. It seems certain to us that you have the will to blossom in love and we are convinced that you are on the right path to naturally reach the fulfillment of love. Persevere in your efforts by honoring curiosity, Imperfect men are much more to love than perfect men (if they exist.). Love may not be so far away.

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Very good continuation to you in the Method and know that we remain at your disposal for any other questions.

Yours truly,




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