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best dating sites world wide

Love Intelligence has tested for you, “live the foodie  , which was launched in April 2010. So, is it a good plan, or not! Do we meet beautiful people there?

This site offers romantic encounters around your culinary preferences. For those who don’t eat to live but who live to eat like a Gargantua or a Pantagruel… This culinary dating site is absolutely essential!

If you are passionate about cooking and you think you are a chef of “Top Chef” or “Masterchef” or if you are tired of meeting people for whom a Mc Do is very good, try gastronomic adventure and maybe discover the love on your plate!


reviews on best dating sites world wide

best dating sites world wide


Dramatize your meetings around a common passion: cooking and gluttony, why not?

Choose your “rather spicy”, “more organic” or “more contemporary cuisine” profile and let’s go my kiki!

You develop your gourmet presentation and then you have the opportunity to become a “marmitecoach”.

I am still single !

It is a real pandora’s box where the secrets to eat better, lose weight and flourish better are revealed. Each member is free to post recipes or gourmet menus in order to advise other singles cooking enthusiasts. You access it from your personal space.


Everyone can therefore offer their culinary knowledge as a dietetic, culinary or romantic coach. A bit like Facebook, there is a slate – the equivalent of the “wall” – where advice will be exchanged by topic. Those registered can therefore become your “coach” friends to help you in your well-being process or in your gourmet approach, always looking for more recipes like Bree Van de Kamp in Desperate Housewives.

reviews on best dating sites world wide

So discover the slimming tips or gourmet recipes of other Internet users.

In terms of graphics, the site is very pleasant and easy to use, you have the following interfaces in your account: “chat” , “email” , “foodie” , “visits” and “agenda” . You can also consult the list of your coach friends.


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