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I am still single

How to explain it? Whether your name is Carrie Bradshaw or Bridget Jones, celibacy is not always a well-lived situation; Why are these rather pretty, intelligent, and independent women single, long-time single, or intermittent single, sometimes even hardened single?

I’m sick of celibacy: what to do?

Some are often in love, others, unfortunately, have a hard time finding a person to their liking. Of course being single is not a problem for everyone, but if you are still alone despite your quest for true love, it is because you are not doing yourself good in love … and yet, love , it is first of all to do good. Take the lead in figuring out how to meet those who are made to make you happy. Who are they ? Where are they ? Why can they make you happy? I am still single


What bachelor has not once faced the question: “What is wrong with you?” But how do you explain that you are still alone? What you need to know is that this is far from being inevitable, but there are realizations that are like clicks in love. Saying stop to a solo life, to a lack of love, is to realize that love is given to everyone, but that they ask themselves the right questions.

Generate Passion! Here are 10 Ways to Overcome Awkwardness When Making Love

I am still single

Fortunately, you are not alone in this process: I created the Florence Method to help you.

I could no longer receive all the requests for private consultations from single people, so I, in 5 essential questions, record the approach that causes the right clicks. Hundreds of celibate people who wanted to stop deadlocked stories thanked me. Testimonials

These are the 5 keys that help you move in the right direction: that of true love where everyone feels respected. Do not waste any more time and come and discover how to initiate the right meetings.


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