Looking for a serious dating site? Get informed.

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Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you were looking for a serious dating site , not really knowing how to choose between all the offers that were offered to you?

Dating sites have multiplied in recent years and it is becoming difficult to find the rare pearl these days. The stakes are high if you are looking for a serious relationship since you are probably in the optics of getting started in a lasting way and not only in a meeting without a future.

The problem ? You are missing the information you need to educate yourself and compare different dating sites. Without the latter, you are heading straight for a scam or perhaps even worse, a disappointment in your love search.

An information site on dating sites

“Meet in France” gives you the information you need to find the best serious dating site , according to your search criteria. The differentiating character of this information site is that it is based on reliable sources such as:

  • reviews of consumers who have tested the dating sites presented
  • tests carried out by the editorial staff, independently
  • research on prices and attendance of different dating sites

Thus, the information you can find is frequently updated and always relevant; a real decision-making aid in the process of selecting a suitable dating platform.

Useful but paradoxically often hidden information

The game of dating sites sometimes resembles that of telephone operators: certain information is carefully hidden in order to prevent you from making an effective comparison between different services.

To continue the parallel, it is as if one posted the price of a text message and the other the price of a telephone conversation per minute. Cannot compare two service providers on this basis.

Here are some examples of information that dating sites take great pleasure in hiding from you:

How many singles are members?

The number of singles registered on a serious dating site is information that seems to be obvious, but which is often missing or vastly overestimated.

However, this is essential information in your choice of a site rather than another. Always prefer a site with more members, this will allow you to meet more people. But be careful, first make sure that the site in question corresponds to what you are looking for in terms of the type of meeting.

What is the male vs. female ratio?

This is the sinews of war for dating sites: the number of female profiles registered and informed on their platform. Here too, we find the same phenomenon as for the number of singles. The numbers are either missing or arranged in favor of the dating site.

This information is useful when combined with the number of registrants on a site. If you are a man you will be interested in the number of women present and vice versa if you are a woman. Get in the habit of multiplying the number of registrants by the male vs. female ratio to obtain the information that interests you.

The average age of users?

Have you ever wondered if a dating site is suitable for singles your age? Surprisingly, this information is also very difficult to find.

Take the test for yourself. You will notice that beyond a very vague age range, no precise information is available.

What is Really Free on a Dating Site?

Again, dating sites often entice you with the promise of “serious and free dating.” Once registered, we quickly become disillusioned since it is only the registration which is “free” and not the use of the functions which will interest you later.

It is therefore very interesting to know once and for all what are the free features of each of the dating sites, as well as the features that will require you to switch to a paid version of your subscription.

A world made of many encounters

The site also offers other categories beyond the serious “generic” encounter. The following categories are among others:

  • Senior Dating Sites – The search for serious relationships on the internet doesn’t just affect younger people. This section is therefore dedicated to the senior population of France.
  • One- stop dating sites – some and some aren’t serious. A recent break-up or a lack of desire to commit may be the cause.
  • Other categories of dating sites are also represented – several other types of online dating are also detailed, according to your wishes, search criteria and desires.

You can also participate …

Finally, what is interesting about “Meeting in France” is the possibility of participating! As the site is based on consumer reviews, feel free to assert your voice by giving your opinion (positive or negative) on your experience of online dating

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