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Gleeden reviews

aunched in December 2009, is arguably the most buzzed dating site recently!

With its colorful advertisements in the Paris metro, who has not seen these large, purified purple posters, with provocative slogans to say the least, in the form of puns such as: “In principle, we do not offer a card. loyalty ”or“ What if this year you cheated on your lover with your husband? “.

Success, therefore, with all the hype, Gleeden, consisting of “Glee” (welfare) and “Eden” (paradise), today is the 1 st site extramarital encounters.

Love Intelligence offers you an exclusive survey on the Gleeden site, which has been talked about so much! For good reasons? Not necessarily ! We do not recommend this site, where women are rare!


Gleeden reviews


The routine has settled in your relationship, you are married and you want to bite into the forbidden fruit, moreover it is not for nothing that the logo of Gleeden is a magnificent bitten red apple, so this site is made for you! We know full well that the forbidden has charms that everyday life does not! Uninhibited extramarital affairs come at a price, however, since this dating site, which is meant to be upscale … Is one of the most expensive on the web.

With, for example, prices like 500 € for unlimited use for 6 months, 100 € for 400 “credits” or 15 € for 25 “credits”. Rest assured ladies, the site is completely free for women! Credits therefore allow men to come into contact with the women they like. It is necessary to attract the female gente since the ¾ of the members are men …

Gleeden reviews

However, Gleeden, which is aimed, as you will have understood, at married men and married women, also welcomes single people.

Much criticized, and rightly, Gleeden has yet no less than 1,000,000 members worldwide, half of them in France but there is a huge majority of men registered, which poses a problem … So, if you are looking for easy and unambiguous meetings, ladies this site is for you if you look at the percentage of men present on Gleeden.

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