Singles describe their ideal partner!

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Paris, February 2020 – Singles finally express their dreams of seduction: “When you think of your ideal partner, what are the criteria that he / she should meet? “

Conducted online with more than 1000 people aged between 18 and 69 years old, this study shakes up preconceived ideas and expresses the expectations of new singles based on strong values.

Here are the revelations of a study * conducted by the dating site PARSHIP , a pioneer and leader in affinity dating in Europe.

The ideal partner is faithful: this is the essential quality that unites the majority of singles (58.3%). A flourishing relationship would therefore require mutual trust in matters of loving fidelity. Devoting themselves to each other and resisting temptations in order to find a harmony between two would be the priority of singles.

The ideal partner is sincere: in second position (49.9%) sincerity remains a sure value which allows to consolidate the confidence in the partner and therefore the feelings of love towards him because we know him frank and sincere in his words and in the expression of his feelings.

The ideal partner has a sense of humor: in the top three, humor is preferred by 36.2% of singles. Making your partner laugh, taking life lightly and second-rate, not taking yourself too seriously and knowing how to laugh at yourself as well as at others are the ingredients that can hit the mark in terms of seduction.


The ideal partner has first of all human values: tolerance, a sense of family, solidarity, understanding are values ​​which single people find themselves in. By sharing common values, life projects are formed more easily and on the same bases.

Then a physical attraction (19.7%), a sexual attraction (18.8%): the sex appeal of the person only finds an echo at the end of the survey. The physical characteristics are essential but not as much as the human values, intellectual and the charm of the partner.

Céline Pétré, Psychologist-coach for the Parship site analyzes the results of this study: “The couple has become a safe haven. We try to flourish with the other in a loving harmony but also to let go in his presence, to rest on him, to express his desires as his fears. The couple becomes a reassuring and comforting bubble in a society that generates certain anxieties. Finally, the physical criteria are placed primarily much further than loyalty, sincerity, and humor, which proves that physical appearance plays a role in the ideal of love but that it is not the basis. . “

” One sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye. »By Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

About PARSHIP The majority of PARSHIP members are active women and men aged 40 and over, with a high level of education and looking for a lasting relationship. The PARSHIP principle is based on a questionnaire of 80 questions which makes it possible to analyze the determining personality traits in a couple. This makes it possible to suggest partners with whom the chances of a lasting and happy relationship are particularly high.

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