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Internet dating

Initiation  : REVEAL. What should you pay particular attention to to highlight your uniqueness and stand out  ? This little program will take you step by step to create the profile that highlights the richness of your personality and “stand out” among thousands of other profiles…

First week  : LOCATE. How do you find the people you are looking for and not be fooled by those who do not have the same expectations as you? Simple program to find the one really made for you without wasting time.

Second week  : ATTRACT. What can you do to attract the profile (s) that particularly appeal to you? Personalization program for your profile for effective targeting. Objective: the people who interest you feel a certain bond and contact you.


Third week  : CONTACT. How to get in touch and engage in dialogue in a natural way? What are the different responses, in accordance with your personality, that “tilt” and grab the other’s attention? You strengthen contact with the people who interest you. You know how to capture the other and make you feel what is unique in you, this difference that makes you rich.

Fourth week  : MEET. How to allow the meeting, when is the right time, the right place? Thanks to this program, do not make blunders until the date . We help you organize and prepare your meetings and go there in the right frame of mind.

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Fifth week  : ENJOY… How to make your first “physical” date a success What are the right attitudes to adopt to make this face-to-face meeting a pleasant one, without being stressed? On the contrary, what behaviors should be avoided and which risk “scaring” the other? Effective and concrete advice to be in tune with yourself and spend pleasant moments with the other .

Internet dating

Sixth week: CONCRETIZE. Does he / she interest you? Would you like to continue the adventure and go further? We help you understand how to make him want to get to know you better and move forward a little more in the relationship. How to establish a real bond?


A month and a half to find the profiles that interest you and succeed in the meeting that matters to you.

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