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2 weeks pregnant calendar

espite the fact that a lot changes in your body during this week, there is also no pregnancy in the second week.

However, if you already have a positive test, then you have been pregnant longer than you think. Then click through to week 4.

Your body in week 2

However, a lot is changing in your body. After menstruation, your estrogen level now slowly increases again, causing new uterine lining to be produced. The follicles in your ovaries also start to grow due to this increasing hormone. You can think of 1 millimeter per day. In the last days, just before ovulation, the dominant egg cell grows up to 2 millimeters per day. This is due to the increase in the Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH). On average, you will ovulate at the end of week two.


When the follicle is on average 2 centimeters in size, the Luteinizing Hormone (LH) increases, causing the egg to leave the follicle. Note: the egg that is released is a lot smaller! Think of a hair on the fur of a peach. Very small, but make no mistake: the egg is the largest cell that is produced by the body.

Week 2 checklist

  • Make sure you know exactly when your ovulation is happening. You can do this by means of ovulation tests, checking your fertile mucus with the Billings method or by monitoring your basal temperature.
  • However non-spontaneous it may be; have intercourse with your partner from 3 days before ovulation to 1 day after. These are your most fertile days.
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2 weeks pregnant calendar updated



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