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how to receive money with PayPal in Nigeria?, where can i sell PayPal funds in Nigeria? welcome to PayPal Funds Market place Sell Your PayPal Funds to Us at the best Rate, read through to get answers to all your problem. you can also leave a comment or contact our manager with the WhatsApp icon for more details.

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How to withdraw from paypal to nigeria bank account

Receive money directly into Nigeria bank account or sell your funds using our PayPal / CashApp service. As you already know it is very difficult to receive money via PayPal / CashApp to Nigeria from international countries, but with AFRILATEST its very much simple and easy. find out!!

How can I receive my PayPal / CashApp payment succesfully right here in Nigeria? OR How do i get to sell my already accumulated PayPal / CashApp Funds?

With Afrilatest Exchange PayPal / CashApp service you can receive any amount of money into Nigeria from international countries or sell your already received funds with few clicks in a short period of time:

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N.B: We do not support third party transaction for the options of FAMILY & FRIEND and GOODS & SERVICES. It must be sent directly from your PayPal account that is bearing/having the names on your Nigerian bank account supplied for payout.

how to receive money with PayPal in Nigeria at the rate of N475 per 1$

Paypal Funds  Market place Sell Your Paypal Funds to Us at the best Rate

About Afrilatest exchange

We buy, sell, and exchange PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin, Payoneer, Perfect money and other E-currencies. AFRILATEST Exchange helps freelancers, Data entry workers, Captcha workers, Data Conversation workers, Domain and site flippers, and other various digital service providers get/receive their payments. Where they are unable to do much for one reason or the other and pay them either in dollar, pound, euro, or their local currency.


Afrilatest Exchange Pay


Paypal PaypalN450N325
 Binary N470N455

paypal exchange rate usd to naira

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how to receive money with PayPal in Nigeria Bank

You can as well contact us on whatsapp 08161182996 with the TRANSACTION ID given to you after placing order.

Note that our PAYOUT or EXECUTION time frame is usually within 24 hours business days and at times, weekends inclusive. It could be executed within few minutes or few hours depending on some factors. But it shouldn’t pass 24 hours for all E-currencies except PayPal which could at times be extended to 72 hours for security/fraud/chargeback checks. If unfortunately it passes 24 hours for other E-currencies or 72 hours for PayPal, it must have been as a result of some unforeseen circumstances either from your side or from our side. If it is from our side, you sure deserve our sincere apology and possibly a compensation! !!

selling paypal funds at the best rate, contact us

Paypal Funds Market place Sell Your Paypal Funds to Us at the best Rate

Sell Digital Currencies In Nigeria And Get Instant Payment

Trade your Apple Pay, CashApp, Chime, Greendot, PayPal, Zelle and other digital funds for instant cash in Nigeria.

Moreso, our rates are the best and our response time is second to none. So what are you waiting for buddy

Got Some Digital funds You’d Like To Sell? Click the Whatsap icon To Sell Digital Currencies (Afrilatest Exchange Manager)

How to withdraw from PayPal to Nigeria bank account, this method is a 100% Legit way without VPN and also the safest.

We Now Have Just One Package For PREMIUM Verified PayPal Account In Nigeria that Sends and Receive PayPal Funds Into your Nigerian Bank Account At the

Rate of 475 Naira per 1$ (dollar)

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It goes for N20,000 (Twenty Thousand Naira Only) and it comes with:

1. Free 100% Nigeria ip, it is the surest bet for opening and operating PayPal account In Nigeria.
2. Three(3) years validity virtual prepaid card or another premium card(s) which will be recommended to be used to verify your PayPal account.
3. Fully VERIFIED PayPal account and it will remain verified for life even if the card attached to it expires after the three(3) years of its validity or so.
4. Guidelines, secrets and 24/7 Support of operating the account without being restricted or limited, including helping you to restore your account if limited(cost if required/needed will be bore by you) and lots more.

N.B: Processing time frame for Verified UAE(Dubai) PayPal Account is 3 to 5 business working days.

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