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Larissa Manoela shares Christmas details after fight with her parents and secret wedding

Larissa Manoela shared this Sunday (24) how she celebrated her first Christmas after a year full of events. In 2023, the artist faced a break with her parents and, this month, she surprised by marrying André Luiz Frambach in an intimate ceremony.

Through her social networks, the actress toasted with her husband, marking the beginning of the Christmas festivities, and shared details of the supper table, which included an elaborate cold cuts board. On Saturday (23), Larissa Manoela took the opportunity to reflect on the events of the year, opening her heart about rumors of family conflict and revealing details about the 'secret' wedding that kept her in the spotlight in 2023.


Secret wedding

The wedding of Larissa Manoela and André Luiz Frambach surprised many due to its total discretion. The intimate ceremony, kept completely secret, was only revealed to the public on Monday (18), one day after the event took place completely privately and with a select group of guests.

The strategy adopted by the bride and groom to guarantee maximum confidentiality was impressive, highlighted by the communication to the few guests at short notice and the careful choice of people extremely close to them. Notably, even Larissa's parents, with whom the newlyweds recently broke up amid a public fight that gained national attention, were left off the list. The location of the celebration was also meticulously selected to avoid any leaks, taking place in the actress's new mansion, where the couple already shared the same home, in a condominium in Recreio dos Bandeirantes, West Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

Severed relations

Larissa Manoela chose to end ties with her parents, who until then played the role of administrators of her career. The controversy began when Larissa initiated an audit against her mother to investigate the alleged sale of a mansion in Orlando, allegations that were refuted by her parents.

In an interview with Fantástico in August, the actress shared details about the incident, revealing that, even after turning 18, she was not informed about her financial matters. Faced with this situation, the artist began to question financial management incisively in the previous year.

Larissa reported that she only received an allowance from her parents and, during the interview for the Globo program, she exposed an audio sent to her father asking for money to buy corn during a trip to the beach. On that occasion, she also clarified her decision to renounce the R$18 million, stating: “I am completely sure that my path will bring me great achievements. I'm only 22 years old. I am fully aware that this choice of mine is to provide the necessary comfort for my parents“.


Featured photo: Larissa Manoela and her husband, André Luiz Frambach with their dogs (Reproduction/Instagram/@larissamanoela)

Larissa Manoela shares Christmas details after fight with her parents and secret wedding

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